How to check the bearing lubricating grease mold?

Checking whether the bearing lubricating grease is moldy usually uses three methods: 1. sunlight irradiation method 2. droplet mark method 3. oil row observation method 4. hand twisting method

1. Sunlight exposure method

In the sunny life, use a screwdriver to lift the grease and aircraft at an angle of 45 degrees. Contrast with the sun, observe the condition of the droplets, in the sunlight, you can clearly see that there is no wear residue in the grease is good and can be effective again, if the wear residue is too much, you should remove and replace the grease.

2. Droplet imprint method

Take a neat milky white filter test paper, leak several drops of oil in the filter test paper, to be grease leakage, if the surface layer of black powder, touch the hand with a sense of resistance, it shows that the grease inside the residue has been many, good grease without powder, touch dry and clean, and a light yellow mark.

3. Oil row observation

Take two beakers, in which a Sheng still need to check the grease, another empty to the desktop, the beaker filled with grease raised away from the desktop 30-40 cm and skewed, so that the grease gradually flow into the empty cup, view the liquidity of the situation, cost-effective grease oil row should be long and thin, proportional, continuous, if the oil row now fast and slow, a moment there are lumps of flow down, said grease has mold.

4. Hand twist method

Twist grease in the middle of the thumb and ring finger grinding, good grease hand feel wettability, wear debris less, no friction, if you feel the middle of the finger grit so much friction, then the grease residue more, can not be reused, should be removed and replaced.

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