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Agriculture Bearing-KHRD Bearings Manufacturer Direct Sales

Agriculture Bearing

Wanyu Bearing provides you with reliable agricultural bearings, thereby increasing productivity and making your production work easier. The professional R&D and production of Wanyu bearings can also extend the service life of agricultural machinery applications such as tractors, excavators, lawn mowers, weeders, seeders, harvesters, sprinklers, plows, micro tillers, and planters.

Excavator Bearing-KHRD Bearings Manufacturer Direct Sales

Excavator Bearing

The excavator bearings provided by Wanyu Bearing include: excavator travel bearings, excavator slewing bearings, excavator needle roller bearings, excavator gearbox bearings, excavator travel motor bearings, excavator travel drive bearings, excavator joint bearings , excavator slewing support bearings.

Improved sealing performance is good, long service life,High precision,low friction.

Mining Bearing-KHRD Bearings Manufacturer Direct Sales

Mining Bearing

Mining bearings are mostly used in sparsely populated and harsh environments. In this environment, the failure of any one device will affect the overall situation. This requires mining bearings to be both durable and reliable. According to the characteristics of this industry, Wanyu Bearing has developed long-life mining bearings under high pollution and high load conditions.

Railway bearings-KHRD Bearings Manufacturer Direct Sales

Railway bearings

Railway bearings are bearings used at the roll diameter of the calendering roll system and on the rollers. Usually four-row cylindrical roller bearings are used to withstand radial loads, and thrust roller or thrust ball bearings and radial angular contact ball or radial roller bearings are used to withstand axial loads. It has the advantages of large load capacity, high limit speed, high precision, separable and interchangeable inner and outer rings, Easy to install and remove

Printing machine bearings-KHRD Bearings Manufacturer Direct Sales

Printing machine bearings

Printing machine bearings must meet the requirements of high rigidity and zero clearance. To determine rating life, the effect of preload on the bearing must be considered. However, rating life is also greatly affected by shaft misalignment, component tolerances, and lubrication and contamination. For three-ring and four-ring bearings, usually only rotating cylindrical roller bearings are considered. This bearing carries the maximum load.

Company Profile

Shandong Wanyu Co., Ltd. We are a bearing manufacturer integrating bearing R&D and sales. We adhere to the tenet of “quality first, service first, continuous improvement, and meeting customer needs. The company has modern production equipment and advanced Testing equipment, specializing in the production of KHRD bearings, the company’s products are not only sold all over the country, but also sold to the United States, Canada, Italy, Russia, Germany, South Africa and other countries and regions.

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Our Advantages

♦ Authentic product of good quality. The company has always provided 100% quality products

♦ Strong after-sales service. The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance according to customer requirements and needs.

♦ Fast delivery. The company provides timely deliveries with its streamlined supply chain.

♦ OEM or non-standard bearings with high customer satisfaction.

Machinery Bearings Package Delivery

1. Famous Brand : Original Individual Plastic bag / Outer Carton / Pallet
2.Neutral Brand Packing: Plastic bag / box / Carton / Pallet
3. (Carton Size:40cm*26cm*21.5cm or 40cm*26cm*17cm / Pallet Size:80cm*120cm*80cm or 120cm*80cm*100cm)

Bearing Storage
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Bearing Storage
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