How to distinguish FAG imported bearings tolerance grade and bearing precision?

In the field of industrial manufacturing, many businesses need to purchase a certain number of bearing parts to support the mechanical rotating body and reduce its friction coefficient in the process of movement, thus ensuring its rotary accuracy and improving its efficiency. Then, the key to FAG imported bearing tolerance level is to determine the shaft to support the point of rotational accuracy of the provisions.

Tolerance Grade -Level 0:

Generally used for bearing systems with rotational accuracy over 10 microns, the application is very common. For example, the speed control mechanism on the ordinary CNC lathe, go tool mechanism, the speed control mechanism of the car, the speed control mechanism of the big tractor, the rotation mechanism of the ordinary chemical machinery such as motor, centrifugal pump and agricultural machinery.

Tolerance Grade -Level 6, 5:

In the precision bearing system with rotating accuracy in 5-10 microns or high speed, such as the common bearings of CNC lathe (front support point 5, rear support point 6), finer instruments and equipment, instrument panel and its instruments, dashboard and precision rotating mechanism.

Tolerance Grade -Level 4, level 2

In the super instrumentation, such as fine coordinate milling machine, fine grinding machine drive gear system software, such as instrumentation, instrument panel and high-speed camera, etc., rotational accuracy of no more than 5 microns, the speed is relatively high. China bearing the old code before the accuracy level code.

Internationally developed specifications are in accordance with ISO standards, generally unified with ISO, some are also more stringent.

Accuracy is divided into specification accuracy and rotational accuracy. Divided into 0 degrees, 6X degrees, 6 degrees, 5 degrees, 4 degrees, 2 degrees.

P0(0),P6(6),P5(5),P4(4),P2(2) grade(2). Common specifications grade P0, reflected in the bearing type specification is omitted, only P6 or P6 above grade, grade code appears in the bearing type specification.

For example: 6205 and 6205/P5, where the accuracy grade of 6205 is P0, just omitted. This gives you an image of the P0 level is the very accuracy level FAG bearing.

In addition, a variety of precision bearings in the processing of different separation, in the use of value is also different. For example, the use value of China bearing, the accuracy of P6 1.5 times, P5 2 times, P4 2 times, P5 2 times, P5 2.5 times.