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Use Caution

1. Precautions

Rolling bearing is a precision part, so it should be used with great caution. Even if the bearing of high quality is used improperly, it will not get the expected effect. Precautions for the use of bearings are as follows.

1. Keep the bearing and its surrounding environment clean

Even the tiny dust that can’t be seen by naked eyes will bring bad effects to the bearing. Therefore, to keep the surroundings clean, so that dust will not invade the bearing.

2. Use it carefully

The use of bearing strong impact, will produce scars or indentation, induce accidents. When it is serious, it will cause cracks and fractures, which must be paid attention to.

3. Use special tools for bearing

Special tools must be used and cannot be replaced at will.

4. Avoid bearing rust

Hand perspiration can cause rust when handling bearings. Pay attention to using clean hands, try to wear gloves, pay attention to corrosive gas.