Features Of 4 Point Contact Ball Bearings

Separable type structure

Can bear radial load, two-way axial load, can limit the axial displacement in both directions, but than the current specifications of the double-row angular contact ball bearings occupy less axial space.

Single bearing can replace the front combination or back combination of angular contact ball bearings.

Features Of 4 Point Contact Ball Bearings

Because it is double half inner ring (or outer ring), the number of installed balls increases, and has a larger bearing capacity.

4 point contact ball bearing is suitable for bearing pure axial load or axial load mainly axial, radial combined load.

This kind of bearing compared with other ball bearings, when the radial clearance is the same, the axial clearance is smaller, the limit speed is higher.

4 point contact ball bearings contact angle

In normal working condition, this kind of bearing withstand any direction of axial load, can form a contact angle, steel ball and inner and outer raceway each contact in a point, avoid contact area occurs big sliding friction. Therefore, the bearing should not be subjected to radial force-based and load.