What are the bearings other than 608 with an inner diameter of 8 mm?

1.Inner diameter 8mm bearing 608 bearing

608 bearing in the 6 represents is 6 series deep groove ball bearing, 0 is the size series, 8 is to indicate the size of the inner diameter of 8mm. size specifications for the outer diameter 22mm, height 7mm, inner diameter 8mm. steel ball 7, steel ball diameter 3.969mm,.

Inner diameter 8mm bearing 608 bearing-KHRD Supplier

2.608 bearing 8mm bearing material

Materials are carbon steel, bearing steel (GCr15), stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, etc.The cage has: nylon cage, iron cage, copper cage, etc.

3.Bearing 608 bearing 8mm bearing seal type

608 bearings with dustproof cover and sealing cover, with dustproof cover in the model number suffix zz indicated (608zz), rubber cover in the model number suffix 2RS (608-2RS) indicated.

4.608 bearing 8mm bearing use

608 bearings can be used in: single-stage reducer, plastic welding machine, lace machine, sliding guide, flotation equipment, automatic sand blasting machine, creasing machine, rubber cutting machine, dripping machine, weaving machine, draining machine, reactor, concrete mixer, ironing equipment washing equipment, automatic pump, bottle blowing machine, steel rolling equipment, rocker drilling machine, etc.

Sliding plate bearings

608 bore 8mm bearings are also used on skateboards with limited movement. Skateboard bearings are very important in skateboard hardware. The better the quality and smoothness of the bearing, the better the skateboard experience will be.

What other bearings are available in 8 mm?

Inner diameter 8mm bearing for FAG 6188 bearing, model 618/8, FAG; type deep groove ball bearing, inner diameter 8mm, outer diameter 16mm, thickness 4mm, remarks deep groove ball bearing (60000 type).

FAG 618/8 bearing belongs to the deep groove ball bearing series, 618/8 bearing is mainly used in packaging parts testing machine, magnetic particle inspection instrument, hydraulic cylinder buffer, electric heater, storage and transportation equipment, aerial work platform, airbag, ignition coil, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, automotive lamps and other equipment.

What are the deep groove ball bearings with 8 mm inner diameter?

Model 628/8, inner diameter 8mm, outer diameter 16mm.
Model 619/8, inner diameter 8mm, outer diameter 19mm.
Model 608, inner diameter 8mm, outer diameter 22mm.
Model 628, inner diameter 8mm, outer diameter 24mm.

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