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Agricultural bearings: KHRD offers the best

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KHRD offers a wide range of quality bearings for agricultural equipment and machinery.Agricultural equipment often operates under harsh conditions, such as pollution, rain, dust, shock loads or corrosion, so this places specific demands on bearings.

Advantages of KHRD bearings:

♦ Corrosion resistance
♦ High performance
♦ High productivity
♦ Long component life
♦ Good sealing of bearing components
♦ Increased load capacity
♦ Resistant to extreme temperatures

There are several types of agricultural bearings you can find at Wanyu.

1.Radial Ball Bearings

They consist of a cage that contains an inner ring and outer ring containing several ball bearings designed for precise performance. These types of bearings are present in almost every piece of agricultural equipment in use today. Everything from balers to combine harvesters may be equipped with radial ball bearings.

2.Tapered Roller Bearings

This type of bearing consists of an inner ring, an outer ring and a tapered rolling element. Due to their design geometry, tapered roller bearings can withstand combined loads (axial and radial). In addition, this design allows the rollers to continue rolling even if they slip on the track of the outer and inner rings.

The contact angle of the tapered roller bearing in the raceway is variable, which allows the applied axial and radial load ratios to be offset in all cases; with greater axial load carrying capacity as the angle becomes larger

3.Needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearings have a ratio of diameter to length between 0.1 and 0.4. This helps to reduce friction on the rotating surfaces. Needle roller bearings have a larger surface area than ball bearings and also have increased clearance, making them more compact. Needle roller bearings are preferred in agricultural bearings because of their unmatched handling speed and load capacity.

Wangyu has many agricultural bearing models, contact us to recommend a more suitable solution for you.