What are the factors that cause angular contact ball bearings to fracture?

Angular contact ball bearings work reliability and life, even in good working conditions, there is a certain dispersion.

For the angular contact ball bearings fracture parts for scanning electron microscopy high magnification observation, found that its signs have the following points.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

① Magnification to observe the angular contact ball bearings, visible micro-zone appear many fan-shaped pattern shape.

②There are fatigue arcs and a large number of corrosion pits in front of the crack.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

③different angles to observe the shape of the fan pattern shape is different, the fan pattern is the formation of different plane crack connection.

Under high magnification observation of the crack extension area, a typical fatigue crack was found; low magnification scan of the crack source, it can be found that the beach pattern around the crack source, the crack source area has a large number of corrosion pits distribution, some corrosion pits connected into a line, a mud pattern morphology.

④ accept high stress, at the water jacket and cylinder sleeve hot bar contact. And B at the stress is smaller.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

⑤ production observations found that induction heating, the workpiece and the inductor fire often is not point contact, angular contact ball bearings generated by the noise is very sensitive.

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