What are the characteristics of automotive engine bearings?

The main juggling of automobile engine bearings refers to the crankshaft main bearing (big tile), connecting rod bearing (small tile) and camshaft bearing (eccentric tile or eccentric shaft bushing).

What is the role of automotive engine bearings?

The role of bearings in the engine is to locate the center, bear the pressure and gravity, make the axis parallel, axis distance positioning, reduce friction, so that the engine in different speed, different load, different machine temperature can be reliable and durable operation.

Car engine bearings in addition to a special device (such as the main bearing of the car engine such as too pull) using ball bearings, the general car are using alloy bearings (pasteurized alloy). In different models, different types of engines in the use of alloy bearings are different.

What are the factors that affect the life of an automotive bearing engine?

Bearings can be reliable and durable in addition to the nature of the material itself, but also depends on the shaft, tile clearance o shaft, tile clearance is too small, as well as shaft, tile against the surface will make the bearing alloy ablation fluidization, or increase the resistance, or shaft tile um loss intensified – shaft, tile clearance amount is too large will make the oil pressure drop, oil leakage from the gap, affecting the oil supply of other parts of the engine. Large tile, small tile, eccentric tile lubricating oil road is branching in series, the oil into the oil channel must be very sufficient to produce sufficient pressure to meet the lubrication of other parts. Therefore, the normal engine oil pressure or not depends on the clearance of the three tile, which means that the quality of the bearing must have a reasonable between drying

Engine shaft tile is two semicircle, is adjustable alloy bearings, size tile on a layer of soft and wear-resistant alloy, so it wear-resistant, stable operation, can withstand greater pressure and impact, which is rolling bearings than.
  The connecting rod is composed of connecting rod body, connecting rod tile cover and connecting rod bolt. The connecting rod has a small and large head, the small head is the piston pin bearing hole, the large head is the connecting rod bearing seat hole.

What bearings are used in the engine?

Automotive engine bearings usually use the structure of steel backing + wear reducing alloy, wear reducing alloy commonly used in the three categories of pasteurized alloy, copper-based alloy, aluminum-based alloy.

Pasteurized alloys are divided into two categories: tin-based and lead-based. Pasteurized alloys have low fatigue strength, lower allowable specific pressure and working temperature, and are generally used in gasoline engines with a lower degree of strengthening.

Copper-based alloys are divided into two categories: lead bronze and copper-lead alloys.

Aluminum-based alloys are divided into two categories: high tin alloys and low tin alloys. Aluminum-based alloys are currently the most widely used in internal combustion engine crankshaft shafts.