Explain the noise influencing factor of ball race bearing!

1. Chattering due to the total number of loaded rolling elements transformation

When an axial load is loaded into a bearing, the number of rolling elements that carry the load will shift slightly during operation, causing a shift in the angle of the load.

2. Partial destruction

Because the actual operation or assembly is not correct, a small part of the bearing dovetail guide and rolling body is likely to be damaged. In operation, the damaged bearing parts will form the corresponding vibration frequency. Vibration frequency profiling can identify damaged bearing components. This mechanism has been used in the situation monitoring equipment, used to detect bearing destruction.

3. precision of the ball race bearing components concerned

In the case that the bearing inner and outer rings are closely matched with the bearing housing or the middle of the rotating shaft, there is a possibility that the bearing inner and outer rings may be deformed with the appearance of the neighboring parts that are not designed to match each other. If deformation occurs, it is likely to occur in the operation of vibration and noise.

4. Pollutants

If the facility is operating in a polluted environment, it is likely that debris will enter the bearing rolling body and cause vibration. Such things can usually be heard as an annoying noise.

5. Other causes

The rolling bearing causes noise factors are more complex, one is the inner and outer bearing with each other with surface damage. Because this kind of damage, destroyed the bearing and shell, bearing and shaft with the association, causing the center line offset the appropriate part. The shaft causes a strange noise during the fast fitness movement.

In addition, bearing lubrication is not enough to produce dry friction, and its bearing crushed, etc. will definitely appear abnormal sound. Bearing damage, ball race bearing loose destroyed, will also cause strange noise.