What Is The Cause Of Bearing Block Heating?

Bearing block is used to support the bearing, fixed bearing outer ring, just let the inner ring rotate, the outer ring remains unchanged, always in line with the direction of rotation (such as the direction of motor operation), and to maintain balance;, bearing block is a collection of bearings and boxes, in order to facilitate the application, the advantage is to have a better fit, more convenient to use, reduce the cost of using manufacturers. As for the shape, a variety of, usually a box, the bearing can be installed in it.

Classification of bearing block:

 According to the shape of the bearing block classification.
1, outer spherical bearing with block also known as bearing unit. Not with bearing is called external spherical bearing block. External spherical bearing block its series according to the bearing is divided into 200 series. 500 series. 300 series. 600 series.

2, external spherical bearing seat according to the shape is divided into vertical block (P block), square block (F block), diamond-shaped block (FL block), round block (C block), tab round block (FC block), tab square block (FS block), dark hole block (PA block), hanging block (FA block).

3, integral (i.e. non-separate) vertical bearing block group block, with screw fastening bearing box cover. These vertical bearing housing groups were originally developed as axle boxes for light rail trucks, but can also be used for conventional vertical bearing block groups. Non-separated vertical bearing housing groups are more rigid than separated housings, and some can withstand heavier loads. External spherical bearing housings are also integral housings.

Bearing Block
Bearing Block
Bearing Block

In machinery and equipment, bearings as a common transmission parts and widely used. However, bearing block heating is the use of the process is common and more harmful to the equipment failure, if not found in time, and make the correct treatment, may cause the bearing life shortened, increased maintenance costs, or even bearing scrap. After a long period of practice, we have summarized some experience in dealing with bearing block fever to share with you.

1, poor lubrication lubrication on the bearing life and friction, wear, vibration, etc. has an important impact.

2, bearing as an important part, used in a variety of large and small machinery, and some machinery working environment dust, when part of the fine dust into the high-speed operation of the bearing block, causing the bearing block within the lubricant or grease deterioration, poor lubrication, followed by the bearing wear.

3, the selection of bearings should pay attention to the bearing limit speed, load capacity, can not exceed the speed, overload use, that will only shorten the service life of the bearing.

From the above reasons, most of the causes of bearing block fever are due to wear problems, and for this common failure, the current domestic fast and effective repair technology is the use of Sole carbon nanopolymer material coating technology, the technology can be on-site repair, both no thermal impact, repair thickness is not limited, the product has the abrasion resistance and metal materials do not have the yield, to ensure that the repair parts 100% of the contact with, reduce the impact vibration of equipment, to avoid the possibility of wear.

General bearing block heat wear can be repaired within a few hours, the operation is easy to learn, no special equipment and special training, the specific repair process is as follows.

1. Surface treatment, the surface of the bearing block to be repaired to remove oil and dirt, grinding;

2. Mixing carbon nanopolymer material;

3. Apply the material, apply the material evenly on the repaired part of the bearing block, fill the solid;

4. Wait for the material curing, you can heat the surface of the material to accelerate the material curing, repair is complete.

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