What Are The Advantages Of Nylon Cages Compared With Metal Cages?

Advantages Of Nylon Bearing Cages

Bearing industry insiders should be the biggest role of bearing cage is to ensure the smooth rolling of the rolling body of the bearing to prevent the rolling body from falling, to guide the role of rolling body rotation, so for bearing cage material selection requirements are still relatively high.

The type of bearing cage includes: low carbon steel cage, stainless steel cage, plastic (nylon) cage, brass cage, please copper cage, aluminum cage and other different materials. In fact, in many materials, or nylon bearing cage is the most widely used, compared to other metal cage has a lot of incomparable advantages, let’s understand it!

Bearing Cage

In the process of modern rolling bearing technology development, in order to improve the bearing bearing capacity, bearing optimization design, reduce bearing noise and vibration, improve bearing reliability, prevent bearing cage broken, extend bearing life, reduce production costs, the use of nylon to produce cage, has shown unique superiority. Our professional technicians believe that engineering nylon cage has obvious technical and economic benefits, compared with metal cage, the main advantages are as follows.

1.Not Easily Damaged:

The cage has good toughness, impact resistance, good fracture resistance nylon cage than metal cage has better resistance to damage.Metal cage by a serious impact, will produce permanent deformation or make the bearing cage fracture; and nylon cage by external force after temporary deformation, it is reliable its elasticity to restore the original state. Therefore, the nylon cage is less likely to be damaged.

2.Corrosion Resistant

Acid and corrosion resistant nylon are significantly better than metal in terms of acid and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for application in chemical machinery.

3.Specific Flexibility:

The flexibility of product design nylon cage can be directly injection molding shape complex structure form, easy to optimize the design of the bearing. nylon cage in the window site can be with oil groove, easy to store oil, thus greatly improving the lubrication conditions of the bearing.

4.Low Density:

The cage centrifugal force is small nylon low density, small mass. In the high-speed rotation of the bearing, the cage centrifugal force is small, the starting torque is small, the bearing rotation flexibility.

5.Low Cost:

Low cost and good economy nylon cage can be produced by direct injection molding with only one set of mold, which can reduce 7-12 processes compared with stamping steel cage and machined brass cage. Compared with steel plate stamping cage, it can save 5 sets of molds, and the material utilization rate can be increased by about 50%. Spherical roller bearing nylon cage compared with stamping steel cage, its cost can be reduced by more than 50%; nylon cage compared with brass cage, the cost can be reduced by more than 65%, with very obvious economic benefits.

6.Wear Resistant:

Friction and wear resistance, prevent the bearing and bearing cage damage. Bearing temperature rise low bearing operation, rolling body and cage pocket hole between will produce friction. As the friction factor between steel and nylon is 0.05, much smaller than 0.20 between steel – steel and 0.15 between steel – copper, therefore, nylon cage bearing starting torque than metal cage bearing starting torque is small, which is conducive to reducing the frictional heat generation. Especially in the boundary lubrication conditions, in the bearing poor oil or broken oil, nylon cage bearings have better self-lubricating performance, the bearing is not easy to suddenly stuck.

7.Excellent Self-lubrication Performance:

Can simplify the lubrication system of the mainframe porous table oil polyimide cage, porous phenolic laminate tube cage, are sufficient to use the nylon itself in the microporous can store a certain amount of lubricant, so that the cage plays a role in the storage and supply of bearing oil source, to ensure that the bearing self-lubricating, long life of the use of the requirements, thus greatly simplifying the mainframe oil supply system.


Cage easy to assemble and disassemble nylon cage has good elasticity, can withstand the accelerated impact load of rolling body acting on the cage. Cage pocket hole or window hole are designed with locking device, using the elasticity of nylon, can lock the rolling body, but also easy to disassemble the nylon cage. In particular, deep groove ball bearings use a nylon crown cage, can replace the original two pieces by rivet riveted steel plate stamping wave-shaped cage, simplify the cage structure, more convenient for the automation of bearing assembly.

9.Extended service life:

Can solve the use of metal cage is not easy to solve the technical key linear motion ball bearing cage in the past has been the use of steel plate stamping piece structure, its processing accuracy requirements are high, quality is not easy to ensure that the scrap rate is high. After the adoption of nylon cage, with a pair of mold injection molding, to ensure the accuracy of the product, reduce the bearing noise, improve the rotational flexibility of the bearing and bearing life, to solve the technical keys not easily solved with metal cage.

10Good Cushioning:

Good vibration damping of cage, bearing noise low nylon cage and rolling body contact, smooth running, flexible, no metal cage and rolling body contact generated by the sound, can significantly reduce the noise 3 ~ 7db.

The above is all the advantages of nylon cage compared with metal cage, hope it can help you, we are China bearing cage manufacturer, can provide you with high quality bearing cage and competitive price. If you still have questions about bearing cage, please feel free to contact us.

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