What are the characteristics of deep groove ball bearings in industrial applications?

Deep groove ball bearings are a type of bearing that is very widely used in industry. The structure is simple, the cost is low, and the types are abundant.

Bearing Characteristics
Bearing characteristics:

The use of deep groove ball bearings is characterized by a good design accuracy. The bearings can take radial loads using the raceways in the structure. Even at high speeds, this design ensures good support.

Features of deep groove ball bearings:

1、Produced by using high carbon chromium steel as raw material, which is vacuum degassed and specially heat treated to reduce heat sensitivity.

2、The design is reasonable and the load is large. Even small size bearings can support higher loads.

3, lighter quality, compact design, while having a variety of sizes can meet the use of different equipment parts.

Bearing Characteristics

Deep groove ball bearings bearings use standard steel cages, as well as mechanical brass cages for high-speed applications. Deep groove ball bearings have all the characteristics of standard bearings – seals, shrouds and clearances. This design also provides the user with the lowest possible manufacturing cost.

In addition the lubrication structure of the bearing has an integral sealing structure. One or both sides of the bearing are sealed by a metal shroud fixed to the groove of the outer ring, preventing the entry of foreign materials and providing a positive seal for the contact of the inner ring.

Bearing Characteristics

 With today’s improved mechanical performance, deep groove ball shafts are being used for higher loads and speeds. As a result, industries using this machinery are demanding bearings with longer-lasting, compact designs, lighter weights and lower costs.

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