Deep groove ball bearing processing design need to consider what factors?

Bearing Design:

Deep groove ball bearing is a very important industrial equipment parts, through the design of the structure can play a certain role in the anti-shock and enhanced support.

Bearing Design

So how can we improve the stability and service life of deep groove ball bearings? Mainly from deep groove ball bearing vibration and deep groove ball bearing temperature two influencing factors.

1.Deep groove ball bearing vibration

Deep groove ball bearing vibration is sensitive to bearing damage, such as spalling, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear and so on will be reflected in the deep groove ball bearing vibration measurement, so, by using a special bearing vibration measurement device to measure the size of the vibration, through the frequency points can not be inferred from the specific circumstances of the abnormal.

Bearing Design
2. The temperature of deep groove ball bearings

Usually, the temperature of deep groove ball bearing starts to rise slowly with the operation of the bearing, and reaches a stable state after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of the bearing varies depending on the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine.

Bearing Design

If the lubrication and installation are not suitable, the bearing temperature will rise sharply and the bearing will have abnormal high temperature, then the operation must be stopped and necessary precautions must be taken.

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