How To Use Bearing Grease?

Bearing Grease:

Bearing grease is a lubricant formulated from low-viscosity synthetic lubricants with a variety of additives such as anti-oxidation and anti-rust and corrosion. Designed for the lifetime lubrication and silencing of powder metallurgy oil-containing bearings, the temperature range for use: Temperature range: -20 to +250°C.

Bearing Grease Overview:

High temperature heavy duty anti-wear long life bearing grease is made of compound soap thickened synthetic base oil with high efficiency additives such as anti-wear, extreme pressure, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and structure improver; with high temperature resistance, long life and excellent anti-wear performance.

Bearing Grease Performance characteristics:

Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure performance to ensure the best load capacity; extremely effective in reducing friction and keeping the heat generated to a minimum; excellent high temperature oxidation stability to ensure the normal operation of the lubricated parts at high temperatures for a long time; comprehensive protection for bearings to greatly extend bearing life; excellent lubrication of metal surfaces, especially in the case of boundary lubrication.

Bearing Grease Applications:

It is suitable for lubricating high temperature and heavy-duty bearings operating under harsh conditions, especially for the lifetime lubrication of sealed or semi-sealed bearings; especially suitable for occasions emphasising long-term uninterrupted operation and extended greasing cycles; the fully synthetic grease ensures a long life for the grease and the various bearings, gears, pins, slideways and other parts lubricated; it is suitable for high temperature, heavy-duty, humid and corrosive occasions in the mining, steel, paper and wood industries.

Teach you how to use bearing grease reasonably:

As the level of industrialization in modern society continues to increase, more and more advanced equipment is being used, and the working temperature of many lubrication parts is getting higher and higher, so the requirements for high temperature resistance of grease are also increasing. The grease commonly used in China at present is metal soap-based grease with mineral oil as the base oil, and the use temperature does not exceed 120℃. It is important to study high temperature greases to meet the high temperature lubrication requirements of certain equipment. Share the steps on how to use construction machinery grease correctly.

Emphasis on the replacement of new grease work:

As the varieties of grease, quality are constantly improving and changing, the old equipment to use new grease, should first be tested, trial before the official use; in the replacement of new grease, should first remove the waste grease, the parts clean. When replenishing grease, the waste grease should be squeezed out, and the new grease should be seen in the grease discharge port.

Pay attention to prevent the mixing of different types, grades and old and new greases:

Avoid the cross-use of grease containers and tools, otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the grease dropping point, cone into the degree of increase and mechanical stability decline.

The amount of grease to be filled should be appropriate:

If the amount of grease is too large, the friction torque will increase, the temperature will rise and the grease consumption will increase; if the amount of grease is too small, the lubrication will not be reliable and dry friction will occur. Generally speaking, the appropriate amount of grease is 1/3 to 1/2 of the total clearance volume in the bearing, but according to the situation, sometimes the bearing should be greased at the edge of the cavity lubrication.

Do not use wooden or paper containers to pack grease:

Prevent oil loss and hardening, mixing with water or contamination, and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Pay attention to the timely replacement of seasonal bearing grease:

If the equipment is located in the environment of winter and summer and the temperature difference is large, if the summer with the winter grease or vice versa, the results will be counterproductive.

Pay attention to the management of the grease filling process:

Before receiving and filling grease, pay strict attention to the cleanliness of the container and tools, and the grease supply port on the equipment should be wiped clean beforehand to prevent mechanical impurities, dust and grit from being mixed in.

Pay attention to the regular replacement of bearing grease:

The time for grease replacement should be determined according to the specific use situation, to ensure reliable lubrication and not to cause a waste of grease.