Bearing Life:Each bearing has its own service life, in addition to the purchase of bearings in the purchase of high-quality bearings, we should also pay attention to the storage, installation, maintenance, disassembly, maintenance, lubrication and other aspects of the use of appropriate methods to extend the life of the bearing, so as to increase the service life of bearings, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Bearing Life

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I. Correct storage

1. Bearings should preferably be stored in their original packaging until they are installed. Keep them away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals.
2. Shaking and vibration may permanently damage the mechanical properties of the bearing, so avoid vibration during handling and storage.
3. Bearings should be stored horizontally to prevent deformation.

II. Cleaning

This is very important for rolling bearings. The rotating surfaces of the bearing rings are very smooth and very sensitive to damage caused by contaminants. Particulate contaminants can be subjected to excessive crushing by the rolling elements and create local pressure in the bearing, which can eventually lead to permanent material fatigue.

III. Fully equipped for remounting

Bearings should be mounted and dismounted carefully using suitable tools. Industry experts estimate that 16% of premature bearing failures are due to incorrect mounting. Generally speaking for a large number of installations, suitable bearing mounting equipment is generally adopted. Do not use any hard tools (e.g. hammers) to tap directly on the bearing surface as this can cause the bearing rings to fracture or break.
We recommend that you, the relevant bearing drawings, maintenance manuals, product instructions need to be looked at carefully

Bearing Life

IV. Proper and appropriate lubrication, lubricants can isolate the bearing surface, thus reducing friction, protecting metal parts as well as preventing contamination and impurities. A wide variety of greases are available for different operating conditions.

v. Monitor the equipment’s indicators to detect early signs of problems (e.g. temperature fluctuations and/or abnormally high temperatures)

vi. Be aware of equipment noise or abnormal vibrations.

vii. Observe for lubricant leaks.

viii. Take regular samples of the lubricating oil and look for contamination.

ix. Inspection of mounting position

After the bearings are installed, first check whether the running parts and fixed parts are touching each other, whether the lubricating oil can flow into the bearings smoothly, and whether the sealing device and axial fastening device are installed correctly.

X. Checking radial clearance

In addition to the installation with pre-load bearing, all should test the radial clearance. Deep groove ball bearing can be hand rotation test, to smooth and flexible, no vibration, no left and right swing as good. Cylindrical roller and spherical roller bearing available plug ruler test, the plug ruler into the roller and bearing collar between, plug ruler into the depth should be greater than the roller length of 1/2.

XI. Inspection of bearing and shoulder tightness

In general, tight with the interference installation of the bearing must be tight against the shoulder.

XII. Inspection of bearing noise, temperature rise, vibration is in line with the requirements

General bearing working temperature should be less than 90 ℃, the temperature is too high, will lead to bearing fever annealing or burn damage, reduce service life.

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