The Influence Of Bearing Loads On Accuracy

What are the classifications of bearing loads?

According to the utility of the load on the bearing, the collar rotation thing condition, can be divided into the load borne by the collar fixed load, swivel load and back and forth shaking load three. Angular contact ball bearing high speed precision angular contact ball bearing, mainly used for light load high speed rotating occasions, require bearing high precision, high speed, low temperature rise low vibration and a certain service life. Often used as the support of high-speed electric spindles installed in pairs, is the key supporting parts of the internal surface grinding machine high-speed electric spindle.

I. Fixed bearing loads

Synthetic radial load by the collar raceway part of the regional scope, and the corresponding transfer to the shaft or shell suitable appearance of the corresponding part of the regional scope of wind. This load Wanyu bearing called fixed bearing loads.

The unique place of fixed load is the amount of synthetic radial load and the relative stationary of the collar. Machine tool bearing parts in the consumption process, to go through many cold, hot processing processes, in order to meet the small amount, high efficiency, high quality requirements, bearing steel should have good processing performance. For example, cold, hot forming performance, cutting performance, hardenability, etc. Bear the fixed load of the collar can generally choose a looser suitable.

2.Turn the bearing loads

The synthetic radial load vector applied to the bearing collar rotates along the circumference of the raceway, which is assumed by various parts of the raceway in turn, and accordingly transmitted to various parts of the shaft shell hole appearance. This load is called the swivel load, also known as the cyclic load.

The unique feature of the swivel load is that the synthetic radial load vector rotates relative to the collar. The collar and shaft or housing bore bearing the swivel load should be selected with an overlap or interference fit. If you think suitable and use the gap suitable installation, you and I will send out the phenomenon of slippage, so it will cause contact surface friction, friction heat, so that the temperature rises rapidly, the bearing is soon destroyed. Want to combine the volume of interference according to the operating conditions, in order to bearing in the load utility office, not to induce the ring in the shaft or shell hole on the appropriate appearance of the “crawl” phenomenon as the principle.

Effect on the bearing collar synthetic radial load vector in the collar raceway within a certain area relative to the back and forth shaking, for the raceway a certain area, and phase cross to the shaft or shell hole appearance of a certain area, or utility in the bearing loads is impact load, oscillating load, the load direction or the number often changes, this load is called back and forth shaking load, also known as not directional load.

Bearings bear back and forth shaking load, especially in bearing heavy load, the inner and outer ring should be considered appropriate and use interference suitable. When the inner ring is rotating back and forth, the inner ring is generally considered suitable and the fit is used when the load is rotated. However, sometimes the outer ring must be in the shell outside the inner can bearing to swim or its load is light, can be considered appropriate to use a slightly looser than the swivel load fit.