What is the measurement process before installation of imported bearings?

Simple measurement before installation of imported bearings

Bearing measurement: Firstly, place the bearing in a place where it is easy to measure. It is recommended to make a measuring platform of suitable height so that the next step can be carried out easily.

Bearing Measurement

Check whether the bearing surface is clean, check whether there are defects on each bearing parts, such as indentation, scratches, rust caused by improper transportation; for riveted cage, to determine whether the linkage is reliable, whether the riveted head interferes with the inner and outer ring; whether the bearing has discoloration caused by heat treatment.

Bearing Measurement
2.Touch by hand:

Touch each part of the bearing by hand, mainly to determine whether there are burrs or sharp corners at the chamfer, in addition to a rough estimate of the size of the surface roughness.

3. Rotate the bearing:

Hold the outer ring by hand, rotate the inner ring, see if the bearing rotation is smooth, whether there is a strange noise or jamming problem, observe whether the cage and rolling body clearance is too large, rolling body relative to the outer ring is sagging much.

Bearing Measurement
4.Bearing measurement:

Measure the bearing dimensions according to the bearing drawings provided by the bearing manufacturer.

Measure the clearance generally use the plug ruler, simple and convenient; diameter measurement using inside and outside diameter micrometer, width measurement can be measured with height ruler or vernier caliper. Each size measurement should be measured 2~3 times to ensure the correctness of the measurement.

5. Record data:

Record the measured data, the number, diameter and length of the rolling element, the width of the cage, the bearing number and the installation time.

Bearing Measurement
6. Summarize and analyze:

According to the record bearing installation position, up and down time, summarize and analyze the most suitable structure for installation and use, feedback to the bearing manufacturer to negotiate the modification, the maximum to meet the use of the site.


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