how to read bearing numbers?

What does the bearing numbers table mean?

6200, the beginning of 6 is the deep groove ball bearing.
NU, NJ for cylindrical roller bearings.
Spherical ball bearing-1.
Spherical roller bearings-2.
Tapered roller bearings-3.
Thrust ball bearings-5 deep groove ball bearings-6.
Angular contact ball bearings-7.
Cylindrical roller bearings-N.
Needle roller bearings-NA.

How to read the bearing numbers?

6200 bearing the rightmost two digits indicate the nominal inner diameter size of the bearing When the inner diameter is in the range of 20 to 480MM, the inner diameter multiplied by five is the inner diameter size 10 to 17. the third from the right is the diameter series code: diameter series code has 7, 8, 9, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on outside diameter size in increasing order. The fourth from the right is the width of the series code, with 8, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 width size increment.

Bearing numbers suffix meaning

ZZ: indicates the bearing with iron dust cover on both sides
CM: means radial internal clearance for motor
NS7:indicates the bearing internal grease mark
S: indicates the filling amount of internal grease of the bearing
5:The packaging of the bearing is commercial packaging accessories code
Z:bearing single side steel plate dust cover
ZZ:both sides of the bearing steel plate dust cover
V:bearing single-side rubber non-contact dust cover
VV:bearing both sides of the rubber non-contact dust cover
DU:Bearing single-side rubber contact dust cover
DDU:Rubber contact dust cover on both sides of the bearing
NR:Bearing outer ring with radial locating groove and locating ring Cage material and shape code
M:Copper alloy turned cage
EM:Roller guide copper alloy turned cage
EW:Roller-guided rigid cage
W:Ring-guided steel cage
ET:Resin cage
TYN:Resin cage
EA:Spherical roller bearing steel S-type stamping cage
CD:Steel alloy cage
CA:Copper alloy cage form
AW:30 degree angular contact bearing/steel cage
BW:40 degree angular contact bearing/steel cage

What is the internal clearance code of bearing?

Internal clearance code CO standard clearance code
C1:Slightly smaller than the C2 clearance clearance
C2:smaller than the standard clearance clearance
C3:Slightly larger than the standard clearance clearance
C4:Slightly larger than C3 clearance clearance
C5:Slightly larger than C4 clearance CM:Internal clearance for motors CCO:Non-interchangeable standard clearance
CC1:Non-interchangeable clearance smaller than CC2
CC2:smaller than the non-interchangeable standard clearance
CC3:Slightly larger than the non-commutative standard clearance
CC4:Slightly larger clearance than CC3
CC5:Slightly larger than CC4 clearance MC3 : Miniature bearing standard clearance MC1 : Less than MC2 clearance MC2 : Less than MC3 clearance MC4 : Greater than MC3 clearance MC5 : Greater than MC4 clearance
MC6 : greater than MC5 clearance bearing type accuracy grade code

What is the accuracy of the bearing indicated by?

PO: Normal accuracy
P6 : Better than normal accuracy
P5 : Better than P6 accuracy
P4:Better than P5 accuracy
P3:Better than P4 accuracy
P2:Better than P3 precision