Commonly Used Positioning Methods Of Bearing Rings

Bearing rings positioning methods:

1. Positioning of the inner ring of the bearing:

In the shaft when the inner ring of the bearing is installed, generally by the shaft shoulder in one side of the fixed bearing position, and the other side is fixed with nuts, stop washers or spring gear ring, etc.. Shaft shoulder and axial fixed parts and bearing inner ring contact part of the size, according to the bearing size table listed in the various types of bearing installation size to determine.

(1) nut positioning

In the bearing speed is high, bear a large axial load, the nut and bearing inner ring contact end face to be perpendicular to the axis of rotation centre line. Otherwise, even if the nut is tightened, the mounting position of the bearing and the normal working condition of the bearing will be damaged, reducing the rotational accuracy and service life of the bearing. Especially when the bearing bore and the shaft fit is loose fit, it needs to be strictly controlled.

In order to prevent the nut from loosening during rotation, appropriate technical measures to prevent loosening need to be taken. Use the nut and stop washer positioning, the stop washer inside the key teeth into the keyway of the shaft, and then its outer ring on the teeth of a bend into the nut cutout.

(2) Spring gear ring positioning

In the bearing bearing axial load is not large, the speed is not high, the shaft is both shorter and in the journal processing into the threads have difficulties in the case, can be used for rectangular section of the elastic file ring positioning. This method of loading and unloading is very convenient, occupying a small position, simple manufacturing.

(3) thrust washer positioning

In the short journal, journal processing into threads have difficulties, bearing speed is high, axial load, can be used in the case of gasket positioning, that is, with a gasket on the shaft end surface with more than two screws for positioning, with a stop washer or wire screwed to prevent loosening.

(4) Positioning of tightening sleeve

Bearing speed is not high, bearing smooth radial load and not much axial load spherical roller bearings, can be installed on the light shaft with the help of tapered tightening sleeve. Tightening sleeve with nut and stop washer for positioning. Use the nut to lock the friction force of the tightening sleeve to position the bearing.

(5) Positioning of bearings with tapered bore

Bearings with tapered bore are mounted on tapered shafts, so the axial load needs to be checked against the shaft and the bearing, so attention should be paid to the directionality of the bore taper when mounting. If the bearing is located at the end of the shaft and in the end of the shaft allowed to be machined into the thread, you can directly use the nut positioning.

If the bearing is not mounted on the end of the shaft, and the shaft is not allowed to be threaded. In this case, the two halves of the threaded ring can be combined and stuck into the groove of the shaft, and then the bearing can be positioned with the nut.

(6) Special positioning

In some special cases, the shaft shoulder and corner size can not be determined according to the installation size listed in this catalogue, you can use the transition shim as axial support.

2. Positioning of the outer ring of the bearing

When the outer ring of the bearing is installed in the housing hole, there is generally a shoulder on the inside of the outer housing hole to fix the position of the bearing, and the other side is positioned with the end cap, threaded ring and hole with flexible gear ring.

(1) End cap positioning

End cap positioning for all types of radial bearings and angular contact bearings, in the bearing speed is higher, the axial load is larger. End cap with screw positioning pressure bearing outer ring, end cap can also be made into a labyrinth seal device.

(2) Threaded ring positioning

The bearing speed is high, the axial load is large, not suitable for the use of end cap positioning, available threaded ring positioning to the heart bearing and thrust bearing, at this time can be used to adjust the axial clearance of the bearing.

(3) elastic gear ring positioning

This positioning method occupies a small axial position, easy to install and dismantle, simple manufacturing, suitable for bearing small axial load. Between the bearing and the spring plus an adjustment ring, easy to adjust the axial position.

(4) bearing outer ring with stop groove deep groove ball bearing, available stop ring positioning.

When the shell hole due to the limitations of the conditions can not be processed stop gear shoulder, or parts must be reduced contour size, the choice of this type.