How to store thrust roller bearings?

Bearing storage environment is very important. Scientific storage of bearings will prevent the corrosion of bearings due to improper storage, and also prevent such and such failures during the operation of bearings. Proper storage of Thrust roller Bearing is a prerequisite to ensure the life and reliability of bearings.

Bearing Storage Environment
1.Bearing storage environment - storage room requirements

(1) clean and dry (around the bearing to keep clean and dry, to prevent the entry of dust)

(2) to prevent air flow

(3) If the relative temperature of the storage room is greater than 75%, it is recommended to be equipped with air conditioning.

(4) Prevent vibration (The storage room should also be protected from vibration and shaking)

(5) Keep the temperature constant (48 hours of temperature change is not more than 3 ℃)


Bearing Storage Environment

(6) Ensure sufficient lubricant, bearings are coated with antirust oil before leaving the factory, the temperature is too low or too high will lead to the deterioration of antirust oil, the room temperature should be controlled at 0-25℃.

(7) Maintenance and regular inspection: According to the regulations of anti-rust of bearing products, regular inspection should be conducted once every 10-12 months. If the oil seal package is found to be rusty, the oil seal package should be re-instated.

(8) Keep the original packaging, shall not be opened arbitrarily, if found damaged packaging, shall be opened carefully cleaned, re-oiled packaging.

Bearing Storage Environment
2. Control the temperature and humidity of the warehouse.

(1) As long as the relative humidity of the warehouse does not exceed 60% temperature change is not significant, the bearings can be well preserved in the original packaging for a long time.

In the clean air with relative humidity less than 50%, rust and corrosion will not occur on the surface of the bare clean just now.

Humidity increases, the possibility of rust and corrosion will also increase, especially when the relative humidity of the air is greater than 75%.

(2) bearing with seal or dust cover after long-term storage, the characteristics of bearing grease may be affected.
The lubricating characteristics of the grease may be reduced.

Bearing Storage Environment
3. How to store large bearings

The correct way to store large imported bearings can only be placed flat, the bearings are placed horizontally, so that the whole side of the bearing ring will be supported.

If the imported bearing is placed vertically, due to the relatively small thickness of the bearing ring, the weight of the bearing ring and rolling body may cause permanent deformation of the bearing.

Bearing Storage Environment

If you know these bearings after the purchase of bearings installation, disassembly, use of common sense of the environment, will certainly extend the service life of the bearings, turn the process more ideal, more effective, improve the efficiency of enterprises and generate greater profit margins.

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