What Is A Bearing Washer ?

Bearing washers are ring-shaped parts of a thrust rolling bearing with one or several raceways.

Bearing Washer Classification:

1. bearing parts
One of the components of rolling bearings, but does not include all the accessories.
2. bearing collar
With one or several raceways to the heart of the rolling bearing ring-shaped parts.
3. bearing gasket
With one or several raceways of the thrust rolling bearing ring-shaped parts.
4. loose rib
A separable essentially flat gasket, with its inner or outer part as to the heart of the cylindrical roller bearing outer or inner ring of a retaining edge.
5. (separate)thrust collar
A separable “L” shaped section of the ring, with its outer part as the inner circle of a retaining edge to the heart of cylindrical roller bearings.
6. guide ring
In the roller bearing with two or more rows of rollers in a separable ring, used to isolate the two rows of rollers and guide the rollers. For example, the double raceway tapered inner circle of the middle of the whole retaining edge.
7. locating snap ring
With a constant cross-section of a single ring, installed in the ring groove, the rolling bearing in the housing or shaft axial positioning.
8. retaining snap ring
Single ring with constant cross-section, installed in the annular groove as a retaining ring to keep the roller or cage in the bearing.
9. spacer
Is the ring-shaped parts, used for two bearing collar or bearing gasket between or two half bearing collar or two half bearing gasket between to make them maintain the specified axial distance.
10. seal
By a or several parts of the ring-shaped cover, fixed in a bearing collar or gasket and another set of collar or gasket contact or to form a narrow labyrinth gap, to prevent the leakage of lubricant and foreign intrusion.

11. shield
Is a ring-shaped cover, usually made of thin metal plate stamping, fixed in a bearing ring or gasket, and towards another set of ring or gasket extension, cover the internal space of the bearing, but not with another set of ring or gasket contact.
12. flinger
Attached to the inner ring or shaft ring on a part, the use of centrifugal force to enhance the ability of rolling bearings to prevent foreign intrusion.
13. rolling body rolling element
In the raceway between the rolling ball or roller.
14. cage
Partially wrapped all or some rolling body, and with its movement of the bearing parts, to isolate the rolling body, and usually also guide the rolling body and will keep it in the bearing.
15. shaft ring
Mounted on the shaft of the bearing gasket.
16. seat ring
Mounted in the seat of the bearing gasket.
17. Middle ring
Both sides have raceway bearing washer, used for double row two-way thrust rolling bearing between the two rows of rolling body.
18. Aligning seat ring
Have a spherical back of the seat ring, to adapt its axis line and seat axis between the heart line of the permanent angular displacement.
19. Tuning seat gasket
Used to adjust the seat ring and shell to bear the thrust between the surface of the gasket, its surface for the concave spherical surface with the spherical back of the spherical seat ring with.