What are the common bearing wear and tear?

Bearing failure is a common problem in the bearing operation process, there are many reasons for bearing failure, after the bearing failure to fully understand the use of the bearing, to figure out the situation. One of the forms of wear is a type of bearing failure, and wear on the bearing also has a lot of damage, such as not timely repair will directly lead to bearing damage and broken. To stop the damage in time.

Bearing Wear
The specific causes of natural rust and wear of bearings are mainly the following.
1、Oxidation wear of the bearing

Bearing relative motion on the exterior of the tiny peaks and valleys and the air in the oxidation synthesis and generate and the base metal is not firmly jointed brittle oxide, the oxide in the friction is very easy to fall off, the occurrence of wear called oxidation wear.

2, bearing friction heat wear

When the bearing in the case of high-speed heavy load and poor lubrication work, the appearance of the peak and valley due to friction and high temperature, contact point hardness and wear resistance decline, and even adhesion, tear phenomenon. This wear is called frictional heat wear.

Bearing Wear
3, the bearing hard grain wear

If the bearing for relative motion. Bearing movement appearance organization is not uniform, there are hard particles, or bearing movement between the appearance of the impurities such as sand, Mo chip, chips, bearing in relative motion, hard particles or impurities will make bearing appearance scuffing or even the formation of grooves, this wear is called hard particle wear.

4, bearing pitting wear

Such as gear bearing rolling contact surface, the relative process periodically subjected to a large contact pressure, the role of a long time, the metal exterior fatigue phenomenon, making the bearing surface on the occurrence of tiny cracks and spalling, this wear is called pitting wear.

Due to temporary contact with water, acid, alkali, salt and other liquids or harmful gases, corrosion damage: non-motion bearings on the equipment. Caused by rust or damaged by corrosion, known as corrosion damage.

Bearing Wear
5. Metal rusting occurs.

If the lack of lubrication, it is easy to be oxidized by the air and rust. To prevent rusting of bearings, do not use water to soak. Bearings are made of fine steel, but they are also afraid of water. When picking up the bearings by hand, fully wash away the sweat on your hands and coat them with high quality mineral oil before operating them, and pay particular attention to rust prevention in the rainy season and summer.

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