How Do Bicycle Bearings Work?

How do bicycle bearings work:

In our previous life, the bicycle is very durable, with a four or five people that is no problem, to nowadays many bicycles basically can not take chat people, and ride a period of time the car will happen rattling sound. This is because the bearing problem, you need to take down the bad bearing and replace it with a new bearing, which is why the previous bicycle is resistant to ride and now the bicycle always has bearing problems that? How do the bearings work?

Bicycle Bearings

The front and rear wheel bearings are both outer ring rotating, equivalent to double row angular contact ball bearings.
The rear wheel bearing mainly bears the rotating load; the front wheel bearing mainly bears the fixed load.

Bicycle is a chain drive, the pedals drive the front sprocket, passed to the rear sprocket, the chain to the rear wheel a torque, drive the rear wheel rotation, the rear wheel and bearing outer ring fixed together, the steel ball rotation plus rotation, the inner ring stationary.

The forward force gives a torque to the front wheel, the outer ring of the front wheel bearing rotates with the front wheel, the steel ball rotates on its own plus the revolution, and travels forward.

When cornering, the front wheel bearing takes the tilting torque on one side.

Because the bearing is installed above a safety clutch (inside the star wheel, ball, spring, etc.), when pedaling forward, there is a spring top ball to make the bearing and gear chain synchronous operation, backward, the spring is squeezed to shorten, ball back, so the chain gear back to turn, bearing (wheel) does not turn

Bicycle Bearings
Bicycle wheels do not use bearings and use the ball for the following reasons:

1, loose ball (ball) structure is easy to maintain, the use of industrial bearings in the replacement of the wheel set of bearings need to use special tools before you can use the disassembly.

2, loose ball (ball) structure is actually a kind of bearing, called angular contact bearing, its mechanical properties than industrial bearings more perfect. Only poor sealing performance is easy to enter the dust and debris.

3, the use of loose ball (ball) structure of the wheel steering performance is a little