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What is the size range of conical bearings?

1.conical bearing belong to the separation type bearings, bearing the inner and outer ring have tapered raceway.
2.conical bearing are divided into single row conical bearing, double row conical bearing and four row conical bearing

conical bearings size data sheet:

Single row conical bearings.
Inner diameter size range: 20mm ~ 1270mm
Outer diameter size range: 40mm ~ 1465mm
Width size range: 15mm ~ 240mm

Double row conical bearings.
Inner diameter size range:38mm~1560mm
Outer diameter size range:70mm~1800mm
Width size range: 50mm~460mm

Four-row tapered bearing
Inner diameter size range:130mm~1600mm
Outer diameter size range:200mm~2000mm
Width size range: 150mm~1150mm

What are the tolerances of conical bearings?

Metric conical bearings with general level tolerance, also provide P6X, P6, P5, P4, P2 level tolerance products
Inch conical bearings have ordinary level tolerance, according to the need can also provide CL2, CL3, CL0, CL00 level tolerance products.
Radial clearance
Single-row conical bearings only after the installation of clearance, and in the presence of another bearing positioned in the opposite direction for adjustment can be determined.
conical bearings generally use steel plate stamping, basket-shaped keep frame, but the size is larger, also use the car system entity pillar keep frame.
1. When the bearing outside diameter D ≤ 650mm, the use of steel plate stamping cage, cage after the code are not sign
2. when the bearing outer diameter D>650mm, using steel solid pillar cage, cage after the code does not sign

conical bearings Suffix definition:

A: internal structure change
B:Increased contact angle
X:Outline dimensions using international standards
CD:Double outer ring with oil hole or oil groove
TD: Double inner ring with tapered hole

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