What are the considerations of one-way bearings?

Pay attention to the one-way bearing operation:

1. Application should pay attention to the one-way bearing operating conditions, such as the discovery of noise, impact, output power suddenly expanded, should immediately shut down to check, fault detection, when necessary, need to disassemble the inspection.

Pay attention to the number of times the grease is used:

2. In the general strip plane bearing inspection parts, one-way bearing every 60 hours to run wetting once, in the subtropical, environmental humidity, dusty, temperature changes in the region and continuous operation of the situation, should increase the number of times to wetting. Equipment long-term termination of the operation of the front and rear must also be filled with new grease. When injecting vegetable grease gradually rotate the one-way bearing, so that the grease is filled evenly.

Check the sealing of the bearing:

3. often plane bearing check plane bearing check inquire sealing intact condition, plane bearing check such as plane bearing check found plane bearing check seal with damage should be immediately removed and replaced, such as found fallen should be immediately calibrated, journal should be based on the office environment on time to remove and replace the grease, application customers should be based on different work in the standard, again filled with new grease.

Avoid one-way bearing exposure to the sun:

4. Application to avoid one-way bearings suffer from immediate exposure to the sun. Forbid water immediately rinse one-way bearing, in order to prevent moisture into the raceway, resolutely eliminate the harder block close to or into the tooth plane bearing check tooth fit area.

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