Super complete crossed roller bearings series models

What are crossed roller bearings?

Crossed roller bearings are special types of bearings in which the inner ring cuts the outer ring to rotate. Because the cut inner ring or outer ring is fixed with the inserted roller collar to avoid separation from each other after loading into the roller and fixed distance cage, the operation of the inserted roller collar is simple.

RB type (outer ring cutting type, inner ring rotating type)

This series is the basic type of cylindrical roller bearing with minimum size of inner and outer ring. Its structure is cutting type for outer ring and one-piece plane for inner ring, which is suitable for parts requiring high accuracy of inner ring rotation.

RA type (outer ring cutting type, inner ring rotating type)

This series is compact and reduces the thickness of the inner and outer rings of the RB type to the limit. It is suitable for places where light weight and compact planning are required, such as rotating parts for robots and robots.

SX type (outer ring cutting type, inner ring rotating type)

Its structure is similar to RB series. The outer ring is a two-cut structure, connected by three fixed rings, and the inner ring is planned as a whole, and is suitable for parts requiring high precision of inner ring rotation.

RU shape (inner and outer ring integrated)

This series model does not require a fixed flange and support seat because the equipment hole is already machined. In addition, since the one-piece inner and outer ring structure with seat is selected, the equipment has almost no effect on the function, so stable rotating accuracy and torque can be obtained. Available for outer and inner ring rotation.

Ring type (inner ring cutting type, outer ring rotation type)

This type series is a new type generated from the planning concept of RB type, and its primary scale is the same as RB type. Its structure is inner ring cut and outer ring formed in one piece, and it is suitable for parts requiring high accuracy of outer ring rotation.

CRBH type (inner and outer rings in one piece)

This series has a one-piece structure for both inner and outer rings, and is used for rotation of both outer and inner rings.

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings

Thrust roller bearings are divided into single row cylindrical roller bearings and double row cylindrical roller bearings according to the number of bearing rollers. They can withstand heavy loads and axial vibration loads.

Single row thrust cylindrical roller bearings can withstand one-way axial load and inhibit axial displacement in one direction. Double row thrust cylindrical roller bearings can withstand two-way axial load, restrain the axial displacement in two directions.

ZKLDF Swivel Bearings

ZKLDF series thrust angular contact ball bearings include 20 outer rings, two inner rings and two sets of steel balls and cage assemblies with a contact angle of 60 degrees. The outer and inner rings have equipment holes to facilitate the bearings to be fixed with connecting bolts. The bearings themselves are fixed with connecting bolts to ensure the transportation and transfer of equipment.ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series rotary bearings have sealing caps on both sides to avoid the entry of external dirt and impurities and the leakage of internal grease.

YRT series turntable bearing

It consists of a thrust radial seat ring, a thrust radial shaft ring, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a set of radial cylindrical rollers. The seat ring and shaft ring are provided with evenly distributed equipment screw holes. This type of bearing has high axial and radial load carrying capacity. High torsional rigidity and high accuracy. Suitable for turntables, chucks and iron cutterheads, as well as for bearing configurations in measurement and testing. This type of bearing has high requirements for supporting equipment parts. When using the equipment, the tightening torque of the equipment screws should be controlled.

Scope of application

Widely used in precision rotary table vertical grinder, indexing head, hobbing machine, gear milling machine workpiece shaft and other precision.