How much do you know about deep groove ball bearings?

Deep groove ball bearing is the most widely used kind of bearing.
Its characteristics are low frictional resistance, high speed, used in small power motors, automobile and tractor gearboxes, machine tool gearboxes, general machinery, etc.

How is the ball placed in the middle of the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing?

1、Prepare the inner and outer ring, the inner ring is placed against one side

2, put the steel ball

3、Split the ball, use the ball splitter with a small claw to separate the steel ball evenly

4、Place the cage and rivet the two pieces of cage together. In actual production, there is a full load, usually with a ball gap. Less used.

deep groove ball bearing

You can see that there is a ball gap on one side, the ball is filled in from that gap, but this kind of bearing is less able to bear axial load, and less used

Deep groove ball bearing selection to find the method?

First of all to confirm the model
Bearing type code 6: deep groove ball bearings

Size code 2 : 02 series, 3 : 03 series, 9 : 19 series, 0 : 10 series

Inner diameter code less than or equal to 03, bearing inner diameter 00 : 10mm, 01 : 12mm, 02 : 15mm, 03 : 17mm greater than or equal to 04, bearing inner diameter inner diameter code X5(mm)

Seals Dust cap code ZZ : both sides steel plate, DDU : both sides contact rubber seal, VV : both sides non-contact rubber seal clearance code omitted : CN clearance*, C3 : greater than CN clearance, C4 : greater than C3 clearance, CM

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

How to choose the fit of deep groove ball bearing?

The basis for selecting the fit according to the load acting on the deep groove ball bearing relative to the rotation of the collar, the bearing collar is subjected to three kinds of load: local load, cyclic load, swing load.

Usually cyclic load (rotating load), swing load with a tight fit; local load in addition to the use of special requirements, generally should not use a tight fit.
When the bearing ring bearing dynamic load and is a heavy load, the inner and outer ring should be used with interference, but sometimes the outer ring can be a little loose, should be able to make axial movement in the bearing housing hole;.

When the bearing collar bearing swing load and the load is light, can be used than the tight fit a little loose fit. If the shaft rotation, then the shaft generally choose k6, k7; hole selection with H7, H8. If the hole seat rotation, then the shaft generally choose h6, h7; hole selection K7, K8.