What is the working principle of dental bearing?

The working principle of dental bearing is turbine, bearing and shaft interference fit and driven by compressed air to rotate at high speed as a whole, driving the spring chuck installed in the shaft hole and the drill bit to work.

A: What categories are dental bearings usually divided into?

1. Ordinary type, the main models are: SR144TL; SR144TLZ; SR144TLZ1..

2. With thrust side, the main models are: SFR144TL; SFR144TZ; SFR144TLZ1.

3. With stepped type, the main models are: SR144TLK; SR144TLKZ; SR144TLKZ1.

4. Special appearance, the main models are: SR144TLLZ1W02; SR144TLKZW02 and so on.

B:What are the classifications of dental bearings in terms of appearance?

1. Radial ball bearings.

2. Types of angular contact bearings.

3. What are the materials of dental bearings:
1. The inner and outer rings of the dental bearing are made of refined stainless steel (9CR18MO).

2. The sphere is made of refined stainless steel (AIS440C) or non-metallic superhard ceramic (SI3N4) material, which has good wear resistance;

3. The cage is made of polyimide material with high strength, low wear resistance and self-lubricating properties or 80-120 pieces of phenolic cloth bakelite material. Under the air pressure of 200-500KPA, the bearing speed can reach 350000-450000rPM. Under normal conditions of use, the working life of the bearing is more than 6 months.

C:what are the uses and characteristics of dental bearings?


High precision, high speed ceramic ball bearings are produced for most dental/medical applications. These dental drill bearings have very high quality and accuracy with dimensional tolerances exceeding ABEC-7 (high speed instrument bearings)


1、Extremely high speed,These bearings use an extreme ultra-precision grinding process that improves the surface finish and relative roundness of the inner and outer raceways of the bearing, resulting in consistently higher speeds throughout the life of the handpiece

2, longer warranty, dental bearings are always used in harsher environments, repeated sterilization, grease flow and incorrect operation often lead to their premature failure. The improved product quality allows handpiece manufacturers to significantly extend their warranty periods.

3. Lower noise. Let the cloud tooth drill bearing with compact integral dust cover design and more precise tolerance, can achieve lower bearing noise.

4、Longer life. Our bearings use a higher precision tolerance grade, and use a special seal design, can ensure that grease will not be prematurely consumed, these can ensure that our bearings have a longer life.

5、Reliable material. Inner and outer rings are made of AISI 440C stainless steel; ceramic balls (Si3N4) or stainless steel balls; Torlon (polyamide-imide)