Fan bearing mining machinery bearing application

Fan Bearing Application

The application characteristics of fan bearings are continuous, high-speed operation, easy heating of bearings, and extremely strict requirements for bearing noise.

According to the operation requirements of the fan industry, KHRD Bearing has developed a series of special bearings for fans with special design.

It not only meets the noise requirements of the fan industry for the bearing, but also greatly improves the service life of the bearing on the fan.

Main models of fan bearings:





Main reasons for fan failure :

♦high bearing temperature rise, noise
♦The shaft and the rolling bearing are installed skewed, and the front and rear bearings are not concentric:
♦The bearing clearance is too small, and there is no clearance after installation;
♦The bearing box vibrates violently;
♦The lubricant is of poor quality, containing impurities, dust, dirt or insufficient filling;
♦The tightening force of the bearing box cover and seat connecting bolts is too large or too small;
♦During the heating process of the bearing, the demagnetization is not clean or there is oil pollution;
♦There are bumps on the surface of the bearing rollers and the surface of the inner ring raceway;

Cement mining machinery bearing application

♦Cement mining machinery bearings are mostly used in sparsely populated and harsh environments. In this environment, any
♦If the equipment fails, the whole situation will be affected. This requires that mining machinery bearings must be both durable and reliable.

Main models of cement mine bearings:






Paper Machinery Bearing Application:

♦In order to improve the production efficiency of the modern paper industry, the paper machine is developing with high speed and high width.
♦In addition, to reduce downtime due to unexpected failures, paper machinery bearings are required
♦It can operate reliably for a long time under the conditions of heavy load, high temperature and high speed.

Paper machinery bearings mainly supply bearing models:






Engineering machinery bearing application

The heavy construction machinery industry uses a range of highly specialized mobile machinery of

Works in the harshest environments and requires continuous low friction operation without reducing load capacity and assembly

Main supply bearing models:


Washing machinery bearing model: