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How to mount four-row tapered roller bearings?

mounting roller bearings

1, four rows of tapered roller bearings inner ring and roller neck fit is generally with clearance, the installation of the first bearing into the bearing box, and then the bearing box into the journal.

2, four rows of tapered roller bearings outer ring and bearing box hole also use dynamic fit, first the outer ring A into the bearing box. Factory in the outer ring, inner ring and inside and outside the spacer are printed with symbols, installation must be installed into the bearing box according to the order of the character symbols. Not arbitrarily interchangeable, in order to prevent the bearing clearance change.

3, all parts are installed in the bearing box, the inner ring and inner spacer, outer ring and outer spacer axially tight.

4、Measure the width of the gap between the outer ring end face and the bearing box cover to determine the thickness of the corresponding sealing gasket.

What are the advantages of four-row tapered roller bearings?

1. simplified mounting due to fewer components; – improved load distribution of four-row rollers, resulting in less wear and longer service life

2. simplified axial positioning on the roll journals due to reduced tolerances on the width of the inner ring.

3. the dimensions are the same as for conventional four-row tapered roller bearings with intermediate rings.

What are the applications of four-row tapered roller bearings?

Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in large cold and hot rolling mills and other heavy machinery, plastic machinery and other industries.

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