What are the characteristics of high temperature bearings?

High temperature bearings are bearings that can withstand high temperatures

High-temperature bearings have been inseparable from our life, all walks of life are inseparable from the support of high-temperature bearings, but, because the environment of each industry is different, different uses, so the derivation of a variety of different kinds of high-temperature bearings. High temperature deep groove ball bearings, high temperature cylindrical roller bearings, high temperature tapered roller bearings, high temperature spherical ball bearings, high temperature spherical roller bearings, high temperature angular contact ball bearings, high temperature thrust ball bearings, high temperature bearing housing, high temperature motor bearings, ultra-low temperature bearings.

Stainless Steel Thrust Bearings

Now we share the characteristics of high temperature bearings.

High-temperature bearings have the following characteristics:

1, high temperature resistance

High-temperature bearings compared with ordinary bearings, especially with high-temperature characteristics, can withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees ~ 800 degrees.

2、High bearing capacity

High temperature bearings compared to ordinary bearings have a greater load-bearing capacity. Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, high hardness and wear resistance Strong impact and bite, smooth and bright appearance.


High-temperature bearings with self-lubricating characteristics, low speed can be used without lubricants;.

4、Long life

The load of high-temperature bearings is 1.4 times that of ordinary bearings, and the average life is more than five times that of ordinary bearings.

5、Wide application

High-temperature bearings are widely used in metallurgy, kilns, glass, blast furnaces, paint spraying and other high-temperature operation machinery fields according to their characteristics.

How many degrees can high temperature bearings withstand?

High-temperature bearings withstand temperature value is mainly determined by the material of the bearing, different varieties and materials, high temperature resistance capacity is also different.

he temperature level of high temperature bearings is as follows.
(1), 0 ~ 600 high temperature bearings

General temperature level is divided into 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, commonly used temperature level for 300 and 500 two levels.

(2), 600 ~ 800 high temperature bearings

This kind of high temperature bearings are generally divided into two kinds, full high temperature steel high temperature resistant bearings and ceramic mixed high temperature bearings.

(3), 800 – 1200 high temperature bearings such bearings are generally silicon nitride ceramic as raw materials, alternative steel difficult to reach the high temperature environment.

Take the high temperature bearing way in accordance with the actual application environment to choose, such as: harsh environment, high speed must be used containing cage, sealing ring, high temperature grease.

Second, the structure of high temperature bearing classification:

1.Conventional bearing structure
This kind of structure high temperature bearing because there is no keep frame, increase the number of rolling body, greatly increase the bearing heavy load low speed characteristics, long service life, applicable high temperature bearing temperature range for 0 – 800. but the shortage is this kind of high temperature bearing limit speed is low, generally not more than 100r/min, the inner diameter size of the larger bearing will be lower some. To meet the conditions of this type of bearing categories are: deep groove ball bearings, spherical ball bearings, single row cylindrical roller bearings and outer spherical ball bearings.

It should be noted that the high speed mentioned here is not the bearing can reach a very high limit speed, but relative to the “full rolling body high temperature bearings”, by bearing clearance and other factors, generally can reach ordinary bearing 70% to 80% of the national standard limit speed. Such bearings can withstand the temperature range of 600 or less.


High Temperature Bearings

2.Full ceramic or mixed ceramic bearings
Ceramic bearings can generally withstand very high temperature, the limit temperature can reach 1200, but only ceramic cage, graphite cage or no cage can be reached, mixed ceramic bearings (steel inner and outer ring and ceramic ball) temperature resistance is lower, if with steel cage can only reach 600 limit temperature, but due to the high hardness of the ceramic ball, light weight.

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