What are the advantages of INA bearings?

What are the advantages of INA bearings?

I: Corrosion resistance of INA bearings.

If the bearing is used in a corrosive environment, the bearing steel is required to have corrosion resistance. Stainless steel standard bearings in the code with the prefix S; and suffix W203B. This bearing and the overall hardened bearing steel bearing the main dimensions and bearing capacity is the same. In order to maintain its corrosion resistance, its surface must not be damaged during installation and use.

Two: Thermal resistance of the INA bearing.

The heat treatment process of bearing rings and rolling elements ensures that the bearings are dimensionally stable up to 150 degrees. For higher working temperatures, special heat treatment methods need to be used.

Three: INA bearing resistance to high temperature performance.

1. Smooth tissue structure, fine fiber, with high cleanliness, can reduce the noise of the bearing in the process of operation, can meet the DN value of more than 500,000 high-speed bearings of long-term operation requirements.

2. Excellent high temperature resistance, lubricity, good colloidal stability and mechanical stability.

3. Suitable for the lubrication of precision bearings, motor bearings and miniature bearings in high and low temperature environment.

4. Strong water resistance, can withstand water flushing, and maintain hardness in a wide range of temperatures. Excellent anti-oxidation performance, good anti-wear performance, so that the service life is extremely long, the service life is 5-10 times than lithium grease.

5. It is suitable for machinery that requires noise reduction or extremely harsh environment, and also for lubrication of high temperature parts.

6. It is suitable for lubrication of various high-speed bearings, high-speed long-life gyro motors, high-speed grinding machines and other high-speed instruments and mechanical bearings.

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