How to deal with damaged INA bearings ?

In the daily mechanical production process, the effectiveness of INA bearings is very significant and powerful, it can maintain the smooth operation of the equipment lasting, improve efficiency and create more economic wealth. But how to deal with damaged bearings?

How to deal with damaged INA bearings ?

After using for a period of time, INA bearings may appear damaged, then you need to take timely maintenance measures to improve the performance of the equipment, to avoid it appear more damage, and ultimately can not take up the role of rotation, affecting the normal work and operation of equipment.

INA bearing damage causes?

In fact, the main causes of INA bearing damage are fatigue damage, improper lubrication, contamination of the working environment or improper installation, etc. Most INA bearings are damaged for a variety of reasons, such as excessive load, non-effective sealing, too tight a fit resulting in too small a bearing clearance, etc. Any of these factors can have a negative impact on the performance of the bearing. INA bearing agents believe that in most cases the possible causes of bearing damage can be found by examining the damaged bearings.

What should we do after INA bearings are damaged?

For such a situation, we need to do a good job of timely inspection and repair work, timely corresponding treatment and prevention work, so as to ensure that INA bearing damage slowed down, will not bring inconvenience to our work. At the same time, if the INA bearing damage is more serious, it is necessary to disassemble and carry out the relevant treatment or replacement.

What are the causes of damage to sliding bearings?

It is normal that sliding bearings are sometimes damaged in the process of use. Encounter sliding bearing damage, the first thing to figure out is the kind of damage mode, and then be able to prescribe the right medicine, the following are common types of sliding bearing damage. Sliding bearing

1, because the installation error caused by the damage

Sliding bearing installation is a requirement, if the shaft tile installation error, so it is easy to appear distortion or local contact, the final bearing work when the shaft tile will be partially damaged.

2、Damage caused by abrasive wear

If the bearing internal into the dust, gravel and other foreign matter, then the bearing work will be subject to wear. These abrasive particles for a long time grinding, and eventually the bearing wear will become more and more serious, the service life will also be shortened.

3、The damage caused by bite sticky

Lubricant use process will inevitably occur oxidation, and also generate acid, this material is corrosive effect on the bearing, the long term by the corrosion is easy to appear on the surface of the parts, which will affect the performance and life of the bearing.

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