How to give a good anti-rust work of linear guide?

How to give a good anti-rust work of linear guide

The reason why the linear guide will appear rust phenomenon, mainly because we do not know enough about it, normal linear guide in the factory before, are required to wipe its surface for anti-rust oil, but, after using a period of time, it will still appear more serious rust phenomenon.

Apply anti-rust oil to the linear guide before leaving the factory

After we end the use of linear guide, but also need to again in its surface coated with antirust oil, this is very important for rust, although in the factory should be coated, but in the process of use, will certainly evaporate because of the passage of time, rust is inevitable.

The linear guide is placed in a suitable environment:

After the linear guide coated with anti-rust oil, it should be placed in the warehouse at room temperature, and can not be mixed and placed with corrosive objects, and can not be temporarily not used linear guide, directly stored in the warehouse on the ground, because the ground will accelerate the evaporation of anti-rust oil, so this point requires more attention when you are using.

The installation of linear guide operation precautions?

Linear guide belongs to the high fine accessories, installation application, to be very careful, so as not to cause the surrounding unevenness and lead to precision decline, etc.. If the machine needs to change the guide, must be completed by professionals. Then the installation of linear guide what are the skills?

First of all, when installing, first set the screws around, not too tight and not too slow, while set tight. Can not be a single screw tightening, causing linear guide balance tilt words, will cause a variety of problems, size accuracy can not be guaranteed, more or less there are some deviations. To eliminate this situation, make sure to follow the correct way to install.

Linear guide how to maintain?

Linear guide is a precision parts, so in the use of the requirements of a fairly cautious attitude, even if the use of high-performance linear guide, if not used properly, can not achieve the expected performance effect, and easy to make linear guide damage. Therefore, the use of linear guide should pay attention to the following matters.

1、Prevent rust and corrosion

Directly by hand to pick up the linear guide, to fully wash away the sweat on your hands, and coated with high-quality mineral oil before operation, in the rainy season and summer especially to pay attention to rust prevention.

2、Keep the environment clean

Keep the linear guide and its surrounding environment clean even if the tiny dust invisible to the naked eye into the guide, will also increase the wear and tear of the guide, vibration and noise.

3, installation should be carefully

Linear guide in the use of installation should be carefully, do not allow strong stamping, do not allow direct hammering of the guide, do not allow the transfer of pressure through the rolling body.

4、Installation tools should be appropriate

Linear guide using suitable and accurate installation tools try to use special tools, and strongly avoid the use of cloth and short fiber and other things.

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