Bearing Grease Lubrication And Oil Lubrication, Which One Is Better?

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Wherever there is friction in a mechanical system-grease oil for car, wear and corrosion can obstruct your production process and damage your machinery. You can resolve this issue with high-quality lubricating greases – because the optimal grease lubrication helps you keep your production up and running and your machines in good condition.

Based on a new book written by SKF engineers,summarizes aspects of grease lubrication mechanisms in rolling bearings.

Bearing lubrication methods are broadly divided into two types of grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to give full play to the function of bearings, it is important to use the appropriate lubrication method according to the conditions of use and the purpose of use of the bearings.

Bearing grease

Grease is a lubricant consisting of base oil, thickener and additives. When choosing, you should select the grease which is very suitable for the bearing use conditions. As the grease trademark is different, there will be a great difference in performance, so you must pay attention when choosing. The common greases used in bearings are calcium-based grease, sodium-based grease, calcium-sodium-based grease, lithium-based grease, aluminum-based grease and molybdenum disulfide grease. The amount of grease filled in the bearing should be 1/2-1/3 of the internal space of the bearing. Too much grease will easily increase the temperature of the bearing in operation.

lubricants grease supplier


Lubricants Grease Supplier

Grease lubrication:

When choosing grease according to working temperature, the main index should be dropping point, oxidation stability and low temperature performance, dropping point is generally used to evaluate the high temperature performance, the actual working temperature of bearing should be lower than dropping point 10-20℃. The use temperature of synthetic grease should be lower than the drop point 20-30℃. When choosing grease according to the bearing load, the grease with small needle penetration should be chosen for heavy load. When working under high pressure, in addition to small needle penetration, it should have high oil film strength and extreme pressure performance. When choosing grease according to environmental conditions, calcium-based grease is not easily soluble in water and is suitable for dry and less watery environment.

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Oil lubrication:

Under the condition of high speed and high temperature, grease lubrication is no longer suitable for oil lubrication. Through the circulation of lubricating oil, a large amount of heat can be taken away. Viscosity is an important characteristic of lubricating oil, the size of viscosity directly affects the fluidity of lubricating oil and the thickness of oil film formed between friction surfaces,
the viscosity of lubricating oil under the working temperature of bearings is generally 12-15 cst. Commonly used lubricants are mechanical oil, high-speed mechanical oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil, etc.

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Lubricants Grease Supplier

I tell you the advantages and disadvantages of grease lubricants you will know how to choose, if still not clear you can tell me the specific machinery and equipment lubrication points, I can give you professional recommended products.Because we are lubricants grease supplier,With many years of experience。

1. The advantages of grease.
a, grease lubrication, no complex sealing device and oil supply system, can greatly simplify the peripheral size of the bearing, conducive to the miniaturization of equipment and lightweight.
b. The adhesion of grease is good, grease is not easy to leak, strong holding ability on the friction surface, good sealing, so the grease can work on the open and poorly sealed friction parts. It can prevent the invasion of moisture and ash and protect the metal from corrosion for a long time.
c. The service life of grease is long, the number of oil supply is small, and it does not need to be added frequently, so it is more advantageous to use grease on the friction parts which are difficult to refuel frequently.
d. The thickness of oil film of grease is larger than that of lubricating oil. The grease has good lubrication for the parts that bear high load and shock load at low speed. The damping effect of grease is good, and the noise of bearing is relatively lower.
e. The use temperature range of grease is wider than that of lubricant. Using grease machine can start under the condition of 10℃ below its base oil freezing point. Under high temperature, the apparent viscosity of grease changes with temperature is smaller than that of lubricating oil.
2. Limitations of using grease.
a. The grease is semi-solid and does not flow at room temperature, so it is difficult to add grease or change grease on the friction parts, and it is not very convenient to clean the bearings.
b. It is difficult to separate the mixed moisture, dust and abrasive chips. In the case of lubricating oil, impurities generally sink in the lower part, or through the oil filter is easy to get rid of.
c, stirring resistance is larger, so the heat generation is larger, the cooling effect is poor.
d, not very suitable for high speed.

(1) the characteristics of grease lubrication.
A: simple lubrication device. If you use sealed bearings or do not need to supplement the grease non-sealed bearings, there is no need for any additional lubrication device (in contrast, the oil lubrication system requires oil pumps, oil pipes, oil tanks, etc.).
B: grease is not easy to leak, and the sealing structure of the bearing is relatively simple.
C: The maintenance and servicing of the bearing is convenient.
D: grease has a sealing effect, can prevent external dust, moisture and other impurities into the bearing.
E: easy to improve the cleanliness of mechanical devices.
A: bearing friction, heat dissipation is not good, the allowed speed is relatively low.
B: grease lubrication bearing dn value generally can not exceed 3 × 105mm-r / m-n.
C: When the temperature is very high, the base oil of grease will accelerate evaporation and oxidation deterioration, and the colloidal structure of grease will also change and accelerate oil separation.
Bearing temperature increases every 10℃-15℃, the life of grease decreases by 1/2, except for special high temperature grease, general grease can not be used at high temperature.

2、Characteristics of oil lubrication –

A、Suitable for high speed rotation
B、Good stability in high temperature, suitable for use in high temperature.
C, can take away the internal friction heat of the bearing, good heat dissipation. When the ambient temperature of the bearing is high, oil lubrication can play a cooling role.
D. It is easy to remove the wear particles and dust inside the bearing.
E. Can share a lubricant with the gear and other parts around the bearing, and implement common lubrication.

Over the past few decades SKF’s knowledge about grease has improved substantially. Today, it is possible to predict to a good extent the lubricating life of grease and to monitor its remaining life. Sealing prolongs the service life of the bearing in contaminated environments where the grease provides an additional sealing effect. Lubricating systems can be used to provide the bearing occasionally with fresh grease.

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