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What do you know about machine tool bearings?

What are machine tool bearings?

Machine tool bearings are spindle bearings for precision machine tools and similar equipment, which are essential to ensure the working accuracy and performance of precision machine tools.

Which bearings are precision machine tool bearings?

Precision machine tool bearings include precision angular contact ball bearings 70 series, 719 series, 72 series, precision cylindrical roller bearings N10 series, NN30 series, precision ball screw support with bearings TAC series.

What are the dimensional specifications of bi-directional thrust angular contact ball bearings?

1. Range: Inner diameter 80 mm to outer diameter 600 mm
2. Accuracy: UP, SP, P4, P5
3. Size range: BS1747TN1 BS2047TN1 BS2562TN1 BS3062TN1
30TAC62BSUC10PN7B, etc.
4. The nominal contact angle of the bearing is 60 degrees.
5. Pre-loaded after bearing assembly.
6.High rotational accuracy
7.Precision bearings for machine tool spindles

What are the features of the TAC series of machine tool bearings?

1. High performance design
High rigidity: high number of steel balls, 600 contact angle, high rigidity.
Long life: long life, high reliability EP steel is used, life is 3 times longer than ordinary bearing steel SUJ2.
2. Contact sealed bearing series: high reliability, high dustproofness
Sealed bearings are dustproof and the grease does not leak easily. And the use of light contact seals, bearing torque is low, low heat generation.
3.Convenient installation
Open type bearings: grease-filled products are available to shorten installation time.
Sealed bearings: grease-filled, with different coloured seals on the back and front for easy orientation identification.
Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearings for Ball Screw Support Open Bearing Series, Sealed Bearing Series

What are the classifications of machine tool bearings TAC series?

TAC series bearings have a wide range of products.
TAC series open type bearing bore range: 15 a 60mm
TAC series sealed bearings, high dustproof, light contact seal ring with special seal lip shape design, has been widely used in automotive generators. Bearing bore range: 15 to 45mm
TAC series machine tool bearing material
NSK machine tool bearings are made of EP steel, which has outstanding characteristics of long life. EP steel developed by NSK has high purity, ultra-long life and high reliability, and has three times the rolling fatigue life of ordinary bearing steel SUJ2.
TAC series bearings use high dustproof light contact seals for increased reliability.TAC series bearings use NSK’s self-developed light contact seals for excellent high speed, low temperature rise and high reliability.
TAC spindle bearing type composition
TAC bearing type example: 30TAC62BDDGSUC10PN7BWPHL
Nominal bearing bore: 30
Bearing form code:TAC
Nominal bearing outer diameter: 62
Internal form code:B
Seal ring code:DDG
Combined form code: SU
Preload code: C10
Precision code: PN7B
Grease code: WPHL

Criteria for selecting machine tool bearings

Speed and temperature rise of machine tool bearings

Machine tool bearings are increasingly rotating at higher speeds and in a wider range of variable speeds, so the requirements for high speed stability of the bearings are also increasing. The temperature rise of machine tool bearings is an important factor in limiting the speed of the bearings. In general, the correct choice of bearing type, tolerance, etc., configuration, clearance (preload) size, lubricant and lubrication, etc., can improve the high-speed performance of rolling bearings to a certain extent.

Machine tool bearing life and load carrying capacity

For general machine tools, the life of the spindle assembly mainly refers to its use period to maintain the accuracy of the spindle, therefore, the accuracy of the bearings required to maintain performance to meet the requirements of the spindle assembly life. For heavy machine tools or powerful cutting machines, the bearing’s load capacity should be considered first.

Machine tool bearing stiffness and vibration resistance

To ensure the quality of the machine tool, the spindle system must be sufficiently rigid, otherwise it will produce large errors of reflection and even chatter. Vibration resistance refers to the ability to resist forced and self-excited vibrations. The vibration resistance of the spindle assembly depends on the stiffness and damping of the spindle and bearings. The use of preloaded rolling bearings can have the effect of increasing the stiffness of the spindle system.

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