How to measure the thrust ball bearing after assembly?

Measuring Thrust Ball Bearings  is a must. Thrust ball in the assembly is not ready to use, or need to do some measurement work, that should be how to measure the thrust ball bearings?

Measuring Thrust Ball Bearings

Measuring Thrust Ball Bearings:

Thrust ball bearing in the assembly after the nominal height T need to do measurement processing, to see whether the standard. During the measurement, the height block or standard parts to correct, and then also apply the measurement load, the bearing needs to rotate many times, to meet the relatively low height.

Thrust ball bearings in the rapid rotation, the steel ball and the radial plane of the raceway will be met by centrifugal force, then lead to the ball relative to the raceway of the sliding.

Measuring Thrust Ball Bearings

This sliding leads to adhesion damage that will affect the bearing. To avoid this type of damage, you need to ensure that the thrust ball bearing is subject to a relatively small load, use the formula to calculate, take the middle one on the line.

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