There are many kinds of metallurgical equipment, not only for raw material plants but also for steelmaking process, rolling process, leveling process, etc. All kinds of bearings are installed on this equipment. These bearings are used under the special working conditions of “iron powder”, “water” and “heat” of metallurgical equipment, and also meet the working conditions of “heavy load + vibration impact”, “from ultra-low speed to high speed + rapid acceleration and deceleration”, and are used under the very bad working conditions.

“Stable operation and improvement of production efficiency” can be described as a representative industry proposition in the field of metallurgical equipment. Xinbohao made a contribution to this proposition, not only in the high level of bearing design technology, but also from the bearing material technology, lubrication technology, analytical technology, and other internal aspects, promoting the corresponding measures and research and development work every day. For this reason, xinbohao has been committed to solving the eternal problem of “long life and high reliability of bearings” for a long time.