Micro Bearings Failure Causes

About 40% of the failure of the ball micro bearing is caused by dust, dirt, debris contamination and corrosion. Contamination is usually caused by incorrect use and poor operating conditions, and it can also cause torque and noise problems. Miniature bearing failure caused by environment and contamination can be prevented and the cause of such failure can be determined by simple visual observation. Spalling of miniature bearings can be easily avoided with proper use and mounting. Spalling is characterized by indentations in the raceway of a miniature bearing ring caused by shock loads or incorrect mounting. Spalling usually occurs when the load exceeds the yield limit of the material. If the installation is not correct so that a load across the miniature bearing ring will also produce spalling. Craters on miniature bearing rings can also produce noise, vibration and additional torque.


1, grease filling method, the so-called grease filling method is to regularly fill the bearing work surface with the appropriate amount of grease, is one of the most commonly used grease lubrication method.

2, the oil cup method, the oil cup method is set in the bearing seat screw cap type oil cup or pressure oil cup, regularly rotate the screw cap or grease gun to inject grease. This is also a common way of grease lubrication.

3, pressure grease supply method, pressure grease supply method is to rely on grease pump grease supply. At this time should be selected with a good flow of grease.

4, centralized grease supply method, centralized grease supply method through the grease pump, at the same time to each deep groove ball bearings and other parts of the grease supply. Similarly, the grease should be selected with good flow, oxidation resistance and anti-corrosion grease, which is also a pressure grease supply method.

Commonly used models

682 682ZZ MR52 MR52ZZ 692 692ZZ 683 683ZZ MR83 MR83ZZ 693 693ZZ 603 603ZZ 623 623ZZ MR74 MR74ZZ MR84 MR84ZZ 684 684ZZ MR104 MR104ZZ 694 694ZZ 604 604ZZ 624 624ZZ MR85 MR85ZZ MR95 MR95ZZ MR105 MR105ZZ 685 685ZZ MR115ZZ 695ZZ 605ZZ 625ZZ MR106 MR106ZZ MR126 MR126ZZ 686 686ZZ 696ZZ 606ZZ 626ZZ MR117 MR117ZZ MR137 MR137ZZ 687 687ZZ 607ZZ 627ZZ MR128 MR128ZZ MR148 MR148ZZ 688 688ZZ 698ZZ 608ZZ MR149 MR149ZZ 689 689ZZ 609ZZ 629ZZ 639ZZ.

Micro bearings main use

Micro bearings are suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motors and other high speed and low noise fields, such as
Office equipment, micro motors, instrumentation, laser engraving, small clocks and watches, soft drives, pressure rotors, dental dental drills, hard disk motors, stepper motors, VCR magnetic drums, toy models, computer cooling fans, money counting machines, fax machines and other related fields.

Micro Bearings types

In the ultra-small bore micro bearings, miniature deep groove ball bearing types are metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, etc., and imperial R series, a total of 6 types. On this basis, it can also be divided into with ZZ steel plate dust cover bearing series, with RS rubber seal miniature bearing series, Teflon bearing seal series and with flange retaining edge series, etc.

Micro bearings metric size

Micro bearings are metric series, outer diameter less than 9mm; inch series, outer diameter less than 9.525mm of all kinds of bearings! The main materials are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, etc., of which the smallest inner diameter can be 0.6mm, the general inner diameter of 1mm more.


1、Place the yoke iron on the end face of the main unit.
2、Insert the plug into the power socket with the control switch.
3、Check whether the grounding wire is good, and test it with a power measuring pen after powering on.
4、Press the start button to energize the main machine.
5, check the yoke iron to ground should be no voltage.
6、Press the stop button to cut off the power of the main machine and stop heating.
7、According to different specifications of miniature bearings or other workpieces, choose different yoke iron to set on, and put this yoke iron on the top surface of the main machine, which should match flat.
8、When heating the miniature bearing, insert the sensor into the “sensing socket” and put the sensor close to the workpiece to be heated.