What are Miniature Bearings?

Miniature Bearings Overview

Miniature bearings are metric series, outer diameter less than 9mm; inch series, outer diameter less than 9.525mm of all kinds of bearings!

What are the materials of miniature bearings?

The main materials are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, etc., of which the smallest inner diameter can be 0.6mm, the general inner diameter of 1mm more.

Miniature bearings main applications

Miniature bearings are suitable for office instruments, micro motors, instrumentation, laser engraving, small clocks and watches, soft drives, pressure rotors, dental dental drills, hard disk motors, stepper motors, VCR magnetic drums, toy models, computer cooling fans, money counting machines, fax machines and other related fields.

What are Miniature Bearings

Cautions for using miniature bearings

♦ Place the yoke on the end face of the main unit.
♦ Insert the plug into the power outlet with control switch.
♦ Check if the grounding wire is good and test it with a stylus after powering on.
♦ Press the start button and the main machine is energized.
♦ Check the yoke iron to ground should have no voltage.
♦ Press the stop button to power off the main unit and stop heating.
♦ According to different specifications of miniature bearings or other workpieces, choose different yoke iron to set on, and put this yoke iron on the top surface of the main machine, which should match flat.
♦ When heating the miniature bearing, insert the sensor into the “sensing socket” and put the sensor close to the heated workpiece.