Mining machinery

Mining, mineral processing, and cement production industry is faced with is poor and remote working conditions on earth, because of the high temperature, pollutants, vibration, heavy load and extreme conditions lead to a planned downtime is costly, so you need reliable equipment, face to face with these challenges, realize the reliable operation, and reduce maintenance costs, reduce the safety risk, looking for a solution to increase the heavy equipment uptime, make equipment more flexible, more strong, to protect equipment bearing from pollution, improve the efficiency of bearing lubrication and save the cost, prolong the service life of bearing in the form of environmental protection.

The working conditions of shakers in the field of mineral processing are harsh. Eccentricity motion with high vibration coupled with heavy loads can stress parts, especially bearings exposed to mineral elements and abrasive dust. In this environment, equipment failure is generally considered a cost of production and operation.

We provide you with high-quality components, allow you to quickly design and maintenance of the power transmission system, provide a spherical roller bearing seal form, can reduce maintenance and enhance the capacity of pollution prevention, can also reduce the consumption of grease and the impact on the environment, the cutting of inner ring and outer ring can greatly reduce the discontinuity, compared with other split bearings, the service life of this variant is more than twice, and helps you to prolong the service life of the equipment and normal operation of the time, at the same time reduce the cost of maintenance and repair and additional security risks.