Concrete mixer bearings maintenance tips KHRD Bearings Manufacturer

1. Do a good job of mixer bearings lubrication

Do a good job of lubrication of the mixer bearings in a timely manner to ensure the normal work of the equipment and extend its life. The choice of lubricating grease should be based on the use of address, temperature and other conditions to choose, every three months to replace. It is necessary to use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearings and dirt in the bearing housing when changing new oil.

Concrete mixer bearings maintenance tips KHRD Bearings Manufacturer

2. Make the mixer bearings away from pollutants

Mixer bearings are relatively precise components, if the bearing and its lubricant can not be away from contaminants, then the mixer bearings will not be able to operate effectively. In the survey, we found that at least 14% of all premature bearing failures are attributed to contamination problems. Therefore, the user must make the mixer bearing and its lubricant away from contamination.

KHRD Mixer Bearings Manufacturer

3. Control the temperature of the mixer bearing

the mixer bearings will heat up after The start of operation, after a period of time, that is, at a lower temperature (usually 10 to 40 degrees higher than the room temperature) in the normal state. When the mixer bearing temperature does not reach the normal state and abnormal temperature rise, should be stopped as soon as possible and take the necessary measures.

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