Motorcycle Accessories Should Not Be Compromised – Bearings

Motorcycle Bearing Correct Installation Method:

There are many bearings used in various moving parts of motorcycles, such as steering columns, front and rear hubs, rear chain discs, and bearings in engines, which are precision parts. The bearings produced by regular manufacturers are generally tested as qualified products when they leave the factory, but there are many inferior bearings on the market, which leads to many motorcycles to replace the bearings, not long, the bearings are bad again, especially in the road, causing great pain and inconvenience to owners. So the bearings must be used qualified products, and to get the correct installation.

Inferior bearings commonly used means of deception:

1. Use iron, carbon steel production manufacturing bearings, or repair scrap bearings. The first one will bring the bearing hardness is not enough, the latter one will bring the bearing accuracy is not enough.
5. Using ordinary grade bearings to pretend to be bearings with high precision grade.
8. To cheap goods to fake goods, to good quality to the real thing.

Identify the six ways to identify genuine and fake bearings:

1. The outer packaging box is not clear. In general, the factory brand is their own special design staff to design the external packaging box, and arrange production conditions to complete the production of the factory, so the packaging from the lines to the color block are particularly clear, unambiguous.

2. Look at the certificate of conformity is not standard.

3. The steel seal word is not clear. In the bearing body will be printed on the top of the brand words, mark, etc.. The font is especially small, but most of the genuine products are using steel printing technology, and the embossing is done before the heat treatment, so the font is small, but the concave is deep, especially clear. The font of counterfeit products is not only blurred, but also rough due to the printing technology, the font floats on the surface, and some of them can even be easily erased by hand.

4. Look at the overall condition of the bearing. First of all, look at the quality of appearance, is there poor processing quality, round runout is obvious, etc.; is there cloudy oil stains and the smell of anti-rust oil; is not the real thing, 2RS’s only one side of the seal and other obvious specification type of error.

5. Look at the metallic luster.
6. Listen to the sound to identify. Hold the bearing body set, the right hand dial the jacket to make it rotate, listen to the sound is not a noise. Inferior products in the production process will inevitably be mixed with sand and other impurities, so the rotation will make a noise, which is the biggest difference between the official genuine products and the strict completion of production standards.

Of course, proper installation and use is also important. In the process of motorcycle use, if there is bearing ball cage off, rolling groove in the working surface of the unconventional wear, peeling, rotation of the phenomenon of stalling, mostly belong to the use of bearing installation problems more.

Motorcycle rear wheel bearings, a large amount of load, if often overloaded, coupled with the high salt content of rainwater road driving, easy to cause wear and tear, affecting the service life. Therefore, do not wait until the bearing is so bad that the outer edge of the walk to replace, it will be too late. Replace the rear wheel bearings, do not force to fight in, if it is summer, you can put the bearings in the refrigerator for a period of time, and then come to install will be better. Steering column up and down bearings, due to the failure of the front shock, lubrication is not enough or up and down tightening strength is not appropriate, resulting in ball crushing or ball working surface of the stripped, the formation of the direction of the steering astringent or runaway, affecting the safety of driving. When changing the directional bearing, be sure to check whether the front shock is good, if it is bad, also repair or replace, otherwise, the directional bearing is also easy to bad.

Before and after the wheel hub and rear chain plate on the bearing, due to the owner in daily use, wading too deep or often wash the car, so that the water into the bearing, so that the bearing grease gradually failed, the formation of the bearing rolling groove and ball wear serious, clearance increased significantly, if the factory or sales before and after the wheel assembly is too tight or too loose, a long time caused by driving instability, bearing stall or bearing displacement loose, ball cage damage or fall off If the gap is too large, so that the brake disc and hub friction, increasing the resistance of driving, the bearing on the rear sprocket disc, very easy to get into the water or adjusted too tight and too loose, will cause damage, so the owner should pay special attention to the car wash or over deep water puddle, timely inspection and maintenance. If damaged after the change must be in place, adjust to the wheel rotation flexible, no obvious clearance shall prevail.

Through the above analysis: bearing damage is mainly caused by poor lubrication, poor installation, improper clearance and use of poor environment, if not found early or repair, it will cause greater losses or affect the safety of driving. Therefore, please manufacturers, distributors, maintenance industry and owners to pay attention to avoid such accidents.