NZC Type Backstop Bearing

Backstop bearing with bevelled roller design The bevelled roller freewheel is mainly composed of an outer ring with cylindrical inner diameter, an inner ring with bevelled surface and a set of rollers. The rollers are subjected to spring force and are always in close contact with the inner and outer rings respectively.

Backstop bearing structure

Backstop bearing beveled roller design beveled roller freewheel mainly consists of cylindrical inner diameter outer ring, inner ring with beveled surface and a set of rollers, the rollers are subject to spring force and always in close contact with the inner and outer ring respectively.

NZC type backstop bearing features

It realizes large backstop torque of low speed shaft and
reliable force transmission
Long service life
It is an ideal, safe and reliable backstop product.

Backstop bearing process

The backstop bearing is improved in the forging process, taking the form of ring forging, which makes the organization of the forging more reasonable and the mechanical properties more stable, and from the processing technology, absorbing the advanced technology of Japan and Germany, increasing the grinding process, which improves the precision and quality of the product. The bolts are made of high strength hexagonal bolts with more guaranteed locking torque.

NZC Type Backstop Bearing

Backstop bearing self-locking angle wedge mainly depends on the wedge angle between the inner and outer ring and the self-locking angle. The basic concept of sprag freewheel requires the friction coefficient of the sprag to be related to the sudden torque generated by the inner ring in the driving direction.

Backstop bearing specific type

NZC204, NZC205, NZC206, NZC207, NZC305, NZC306, NZC307

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