How much do you know about one-way bearings?

One-way bearing is a bearing that can rotate freely in one direction and lock in the other direction. The metal housing of a one-way bearing contains many rollers, needle rollers or ball rollers.

One-Way Bearing

Powder metallurgy one-way bearings use a process technology that uses a molding and sintering process to make metal powder into a product. In the study of the characteristics of the powder and process change characteristics based on the use of the corresponding technical process, change the shape of the powder, performance and their organizational structure and become adapted to different needs of bearing products.

Single-way bearing materials:

Solid one-way bearings using GCr15 bearing steel, heat treatment hardness in HRC61-65, bearing small size and high load capacity, there is enough space to store grease, can have a long re-lubrication interval.

Powder metallurgy one-way bearing and solid one-way bearing can completely make the drive shaft by the driving force “lock”, to avoid the traditional type stamping outer ring one-way bearing “lock” performance shortage of problems.

Single direction bearings:


The working principle of unidirectional bearing.
1.Wedge type design:

This type of sprag freewheel is roughly composed of inner ring, outer ring, sprag group, sprag cage, strong spring and bearing.

2. Self-locking angle wedge function mainly relies on the wedge block between the inner and outer ring and the self-locking angle.

The basic concept of the sprag freewheel requires the friction coefficient of the sprags to be related to the sudden torque generated by the inner ring in the driving direction, and this friction value must be larger than the tangent value of the self-locking angle. If the conditions are not safe, spragging will not occur.

3. Ramp and roller design:

The ramp and roller freewheel basically consists of an outer ring with a barrel inner diameter, an inner ring with a ramp and a set of rollers that are subject to spring forces and are always in close contact with the inner and outer ring, respectively. As long as the rotation of one of the rollers in its direction of motion has an effect on the other, this arrangement essentially ensures immediate overrunning speed and guarantees immediate drive capability.

Main applications:

Textile machinery; printing machinery; automotive industry; household appliances; money detectors.

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