What Is A Pilot Bearing?

Gilot bearing, which is mounted on the hole behind the crankshaft or in the center of the flywheel, serves as a guide to prevent the radial runout of one shaft in the clutch disengagement state.

1. The engine pitch reaches one shaft through the flywheel, clutch housing, pressure plate and clutch slave disc. (a) When activated, the transition time of the automated racing gearbox is extremely short and this bearing allows exposure to very high speed gradients.

2. This also places special demands on the bearing and bearing lubricant. The selection of the correct bearing design, grease and even coating in this location is critical to the robust reliability of the solution.

3、After damage, there will be a certain amount of noise and rattle when starting. After a period of excessive wear and tear will appear to reduce the rattle or disappear, mainly will seriously affect the life of the first shaft bearing of the gearbox, resulting in a week bearing loosening, serious cases will appear when the gearbox noise in neutral, the clutch pedal when the sound disappears, in view of this situation is very necessary to replace, is the need to disassemble the gearbox assembly, repair costs are very expensive.

What is the role of the pilot bearing?

Automotive guide bearing is mainly to play a guiding role, usually used in conjunction with linear bearings.

Guide bearing includes force arm disc, guide sleeve, guide rotation axis, adjusting rod, support seat, two force arm disc through the fixed shaft fixed, guide sleeve for hollow cylinder, the lower outer surface with threads, column surface on both sides of a guide slot, guide rotation axis for the cylinder, located in the guide sleeve, the bottom surface with a threaded hole, the upper part with bearing through hole, guide rotation axis through the bearing and two force arm disc activity connection The adjusting rod is a cylinder with a threaded rod at the top and a limit device at the bottom, and the adjusting rod is rotatably connected to the guiding rotating shaft through the threaded rod, and the supporting seat is a hollow cylinder with threads on the inner surface, and the supporting seat is rotatably connected to the guiding sleeve through the threads