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What are the uses of a plain bearing ?

A plain bearing (thrust bearing) is an element consisting of a flat cage assembly with needle rollers or cylindrical rollers or steel balls and a flat washer. Plain bearings are divided into plain bearings with needle rollers and plain bearings with balls.

What are the applications of plain bearings?

Plane bearings have a wide range of applications in some mechanical equipment, such as elevator parts that we often ride, as well as some plastic machinery, office equipment. They are also used in medical equipment, stepper motors, speed reduction devices, pressure rotors, fitness and sports equipment.

What is the role of flat bearings in automobiles?

If the shock absorber plane bearing is broken, there will be a strange noise when turning direction at first. Because the role of the shock absorber plane bearing is to play a shock absorber and the body of the activity link role, to avoid direct friction, if broken, whether in place to play the direction, or driving in the direction of the big will have a thumping sound, but also accompanied by vibration, the direction will also sink.

What is the main load on the plane bearing?

The plane bearing is mainly subjected to axial load in the assembly.

What problems should be noted when installing the plane bearing?

1. To distinguish the tight ring and loose ring of the bearing.
2. Separate the stationary parts of the mechanism.
3. No matter what the situation is, the loose ring of the bearing should always rest on the end face of the stationary parts. There are two key points of flat bearing assembly. One is the control of cage and ball press fit quality, and the other is the control of nominal height T after bearing assembly.

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