How to install and lubricate the rolling mill bearings?

Rolling mill bearings are used in rolling industry, i.e. non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic products rolling. Used in calendering roller system roller diameter and roller bearings. Usually four-row cylindrical roller bearings to bear radial load, thrust roller or thrust ball bearings and centripetal angular contact ball or centripetal roller bearings to bear axial load. Now most of them adopt oil and gas lubrication or oil mist lubrication and grease lubrication and cooling.

Rolling mill bearings installation before the preparation.

(1) should be installed before each with for, including the roll neck, bearing box, bearing collar and bearing box cover plate with the surface for careful inspection, check its size, shape and position accuracy and with the tolerance is in line with the design of technical requirements.
(2) The surface with the bearing, the edge and burr of the roller neck, bearing box hole and oil hole must be removed and cleaned and coated with lubricant.

The method of lubrication of rolling mill bearings.

Rolling mill bearing lubrication in principle and other rolling bearing lubrication is basically the same, but the working conditions of the rolling mill bearing is relatively harsh, its work performance can be effectively played to a large extent depending on the bearing lubrication.
Rolling mill bearings using lubrication methods are mainly grease lubrication and oil lubrication.

Rolling mill bearings Process flow.

Rolling mill bearings design issues, rolling mill bearing burnout with a variety of factors, generally very normal, the typical aluminum foil rolling mill angular contact bearing burnout is a worldwide problem, I personally believe that the lubrication is very important, oil mist lubrication effect is slightly better, there is also the issue of bearing installation clearance.

Support rollers generally choose four small cylindrical roller bearings, its inner ring and roll static fit, generally installed after the tapered sleeve, the inner ring into, the inner ring as a benchmark fine grinding roll outer circle, because it can not bear the axial force, the rolling process generated by the axial force needs to have bearings to bear, the general choice of back-to-back double-row angular contact ball bearings, face-to-face double-row tapered roller bearings, as well as thrust bearings and four-point angular Contact ball bearings, etc., the domestic manufacturers Wangyu products are better.

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