Bearing Seals Type

Automotive Seals:

Parts used for sealing in automobiles, mainly made of elastomers Including the car intimate groove, car door frame, a variety of glass groove, etc..

EPDM rubber has been widely used in the automotive sealing strip industry.

What are the sealing materials for bearings?


Rubber is the most commonly used sealing material. In addition to rubber, suitable for sealing materials such as graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene and various sealants.

Nitrile rubber

NBR has excellent resistance to fuel oil and aromatic solvents, but it is not resistant to ketones, esters and hydrogen chloride, etc. Therefore, oil-resistant sealing products and NBR are mainly used.

Chloroprene rubber

Neoprene rubber has good oil and solvent resistance. It has good resistance to gear oil and transformer oil performance, but not resistant to aromatic oils. Neoprene also has excellent resistance to weather aging and ozone aging performance. The cross-linking break temperature of neoprene is above 200℃, and neoprene is usually used to make door and window seals. Neoprene also has good corrosion resistance to inorganic acids. In addition, because neoprene also has good flexibility and impermeability, it can be made into diaphragms and sealing products for vacuum.

Natural rubber

Compared with most synthetic rubber, natural rubber has good overall mechanical properties, cold resistance, high resilience and wear resistance. Natural rubber is not resistant to mineral oil, but is more stable in vegetable oils and alcohols. In n-butanol and refined castor oil mixture of liquid brake fluid as a seal in the hydraulic brake system, the rubber bowl, rubber ring are made of natural rubber, general sealant is also commonly used in the manufacture of natural rubber.


Fluorine rubber has outstanding heat resistance (200 ~ 250 ℃), oil resistance, can be used in the manufacture of cylinder liner seals, bowls and rotary lip seals, can significantly improve the use of time.

bearing and seals

Bearing seal, a bearing seal, in particular a ball bearing seal, the ball bearing seal is in a circular shape on an end face upwardly extended two into a circular projection, said smaller diameter projection of the inner diameter with the ball bearing inner ring outer diameter, said larger diameter projection with the ball bearing ball ring outer diameter; said seal inner bore diameter is not less than the ball bearing inner ring of the inner bore of the ball bearing. It has the characteristics of preventing grease from catching fire, avoiding frequent oiling and simple structure. It is widely used in bearings.

wheel bearing seals

Wheel bearing seal consists of rubber elastomer, metal skeleton and self-tightening coil spring, its role is generally to isolate the parts of the transmission components that need lubrication from the external environment, so that the lubricant does not leak.

There are many types of bearing seals, such as:rear bearing seal,sealed tapered roller bearing,dust seals for bearings